10 Fun Things To Do in Conroe, Texas

Conroe is a city deep in Texas whose historical heritage is symbolized by historical attractions and memorial tributes. Located 40 miles north of Houston, Conroe is the fastest-growing city with abundant outdoor recreational activities and nature. Conroe’s history lies in the lumber mill industry. You will encounter prominent aspects of Texas culture during your trip, including parks, restaurants, and museums. As you plan your visit, please review our list of the best things to do in Conroe.

1. Crighton Theatre

Buy tickets for any upcoming event at Crighton Theatre. Crighton Theatre is a historic performing arts Centre in Conroe with excellent acting. The place has state-of-the-art sound and lighting, offering creative counter pieces since 1934.

Crighton Theatre also features classic plays and musicals like School of Rock, Grease, live concerts, and Steel Magnolias. Also, enjoy live performances from local artists staged by Stage Right Productions.

things to do in Conroe TX - Crighton Theatre
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2. Cavender’s Boot City

Become a Texan with western apparel, authentic cowboy hats, and boots at Cavender’s Boot City. The store is stocked with an overload of leather products, western wear, and rows of boots. Established in 1965, Cavender specializes in boots, shoes, and clothes.

Here you will find tall boots, short boots, rugged boots, and embroidered boots for any occasion. There are also custom-designed hats to crown your head. The good thing about Cavender’s is they sell boots for all ages, including children.

things to do in Conroe TX - Cavender's Boot City
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3. Moorhead’s Blueberry Farm

Moorhead’s is a family-owned blueberry farm. Founded in 1977, Moorhead Blueberry Farm produces chemical and pesticide-free fruits. With 20 acres of land, this farm produces a variety of fresh blueberries.

Visit them in May and mid-July, when it’s the blueberry season. The farm is open throughout the week during these seasons and allows you to pick your berries. But, again, the price is affordable, $3.50 per pound, payable by cash or check.

things to do in Conroe TX - Moorhead's Blueberry Farm
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4. Lake Conroe

Need a boat for your boating adventure? Lake Conroe provides a boat rental option if you love boat riding and kayaking. The lake is a perfect place to rest, relax and enjoy exciting adventures such as fishing.

Lake Conroe has the best hybrid bass fishing in Conroe to keep you busy on the lake. Marinas around the lake guide you in finding the best place to throw your hook and start fishing. Remember to end your adventure at one of the lakeside dining restaurants for delicious food.

things to do in Conroe TX - Lake Conroe
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5. Montgomery County Fair

Montgomery County Fair is a great event and tradition that brings together families and communities from Conroe. It forms a focal point for entertainment, food, and music and embraces the youths with recognition and scholarships.

Besides this, the fair has a way of supporting farmers and ranchers. In addition, barbeque cook-off concerts are gathering over 50,000 people to participate. Enjoy carnival games and traditional auctions of livestock, furniture, horticulture, and baked goods to support the community.

things to do in Conroe TX - Montgomery County Fair
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6. Lone Star Hiking Trail

Spend your free time taking the longest hike at Lone Star Hiking Trail. Located inside Sam Houston National Forest, Lone Star offers 128 miles of hiking section. The place has thick woodlands and green wildflower fields, creating beautiful scenery for hikers.

The hiking experience here is awesome, plunging you into the most pristine wilderness. You can also view creeks, streams, and lakes that meander through the forest. If you plan to visit Lone Star in November or December, carry visible clothing since this is the deer hunting season. Primitive camping is also allowed except during deer hunting seasons for security purposes.

things to do in Conroe TX - Lone Star Hiking Trail
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7. Southern Star Brewing Co.

After having a long day, enjoy some cold beer at Southern Star Brewing. This award-winning brewery has in-house craft beers of different flavors. In addition, the brewery produces seasonal beers, including the Buried Hatchet Stout and the Pine Belt Pale Ale.

Weekends cannot get any better with free beer offered on Saturday every 2 pm and 4 pm, while on Friday is for beer tasting. Apart from a delicious beer food truck, an outdoor Biergarten with live music and a disc golf course. Other outdoor games include ping pong and bean bag toss.

Southern Star Brewing Co.
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8. W. Goodrich Jones State Forest

Being an extensive forest W. Goodrich Jones provided opportunities for recreation, research, and education initiatives. These 1,722 acres state forest offers outdoor recreational activities, including hiking, biking, horseback riding, and bird watching.

The trails provide beautiful sceneries of woodlands, creeks, numerous bridges, and small lakes. You can also enjoy local wildlife of pigs, deer, and the endangered red-cockaded woodpecker and take some photos.

W. Goodrich Jones State Forest
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9. Lone Star Monument and Historical Flag Park

Lone Star Monument has one of the classical things to witness, with 13 different flags on the 13 acres of land. These flags are informative and well-maintained. They present the number of colonies in Texas during independence and the days the siege of the Alamo lasted.

This outdoor museum has known to provide a complex history of the Spanish colony, Mexican territory, and independent nation. In addition to the flags, the park has two 14-foot-tall bronze statues created by local artist Craig Campobello. The statue presents a volunteer soldier during the revolution.

Lone Star Monument and Historical Flag Park
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10. Pacific Yard House

Pacific Yard House was established in 1907 and offered a great destination for dinner and drinks. This downtown restaurant in Conroe has an entertainment venue featuring 125 seat dining room, a separate bar, and an outside patio. The elegant décor comprises thick brick walls and deer antler chandeliers, making you feel at home.

Pacific Yard’s menu comprises barbeques, burgers, and seafood. In addition, the restaurant has an extensive bar with more than 30 beers on tap. You can also enjoy live music while dancing throughout the night to lively jams from local bands.

Pacific Yard House
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Planning for ways to spend weekends or holidays is challenging, especially if you need a specific destination. Conroe is a stop along the way where you will have a lovely experience. With massive recreational lakes, museums, and playgrounds, the city gives you many options to choose from. Enjoy hiking, golfing, dining, and fair exhibitions all in one place.

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