10 Amazing Things To Do in Sugar Land, Texas

Sugar Land is a beautiful city on the Southside of Texas, 20 miles from Houston. It was formerly known for its sugarcane production but is currently recognized as one of the booming cities. In Sugar Land, summers are hot, but winter is cool and normal. There are a lot of fun places to visit in Sugar Land that would take several lifetimes to experience. This article summarizes the best places to visit and things to do in Sugar Land for your convenience.

1. Cullinan Park

Cullinan Park has 750 acres of creeks, wetlands, woodlands, lakes, and prairies, making it a beautiful suburb-perched area. It was named after H. Cullinan. The park offers a huge attraction for bird watchers and photographers.

Cullinan Park has unique grasslands with lakes filled with cattail, pickerel weeds, and rushes. The atmosphere is welcoming because of the different kinds of birds that attract visitors, including hawks, woodpeckers, and ducks. Apart from birds, you can check out their animal park, which consists of reptiles, snakes, raccoons, and bobcats for a nice fulfilling nature experience.

Things To Do in Sugar Land, Texas - Cullinan Park
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2. Altitude Trampoline Park

Enjoy good moments with family at Altitude Trampoline Park. The park has exciting, fun-filled activities, including aerial and acrobatic skills. You can also play dodgeball on the trampoline floor against each other on the sides of the wall-to-wall trampolines.

Altitude Trampoline Park has great heights for jumping, dodging, and climbing. You can climb up to the peak of a warped wall, go trapeze swinging into the foam pit and jump into a large area of foam cubes.

Things To Do in Sugar Land, Texas - Altitude Trampoline Park
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3. Sugar Land Ice and Sports Centre

Do you love skating? Sugar Land Ice and Sports Centre is a nice place to have some skating time. The place provides full programs on skating lessons to all age groups to enhance their skating skills.

This sports center has supportive coaches with great experience that guide you through competitions and lessons on your skating escapade. Apart from skating, engage in an indoor ice rink and hockey on Wednesdays.

Things To Do in Sugar Land, Texas - Sugar Land Ice and Sports Centre
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4. Escape Again Room

Escape rooms are great for increasing your brain skills and solving mysteries. Escape Again Room in Sugarland enables you to solve puzzles and Wizard place and find a solution. The escape room puts your team in real life challenge to find clues in the themed rooms under 60 minutes.

Players are locked in the rooms to find answers to riddles and clues, solutions to puzzles, and complete various tasks. Enjoy quality family time with families and friends as you put efforts together to solve mysteries.

Things To Do in Sugar Land, Texas - Escape Again Room
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5. Fort Bend Children’s Discovery Center

Support your kid’s developmental and creativity skills. Fort Bend Children’s discovery Centre is a creative museum that creates educational and interactive exhibits for kids. Here, children learn about science, carry out their findings and operate various educational machines.

Their showcases include Gullah, where children learn about the traditions, language, and customs of the Gullah community in West Africa. Your kids will enjoy every moment in the museum as they learn about cultural heritage and geography and create their crafts.

Things To Do in Sugar Land, Tx - Fort Bend Children's Discovery Center
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6. Churned Creamery

Ice cream is a cool treat, especially if you visit Sugar Land during summer. Churned Creamery offers a great deal with top-flavored ice creams. Their signature ice creams come in double or single scoops with different flavors.

Churned Creamy serves you the best ice creams that come with added dessert. You can order strawberry sorbet, pineapple sorbet, make it waffle cone, Nutella ice cream, and Reese’s peanut butter ice cream, all at affordable prices.

Things To Do in Sugar Land, Tx - Churned Creamery
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7. Benihana

A day in Sugar Land is not fun without visiting Benihana to enjoy the delicious Japanese cuisine. Benihana is a historic restaurant that adopted its cooking mode after World War II. The restaurant has an incredible dining style where guests sit in groups on communal hibachi grill tables.

They have tasty dishes made from Japanese ingredients using the teppanyaki cooking technique. Some dishes include sushi, sashimi, tender chicken, succulent seafood, hibachi rice, and shrimp sauté. Enjoy the meals in the Japanese way prepared by the famous Benihana sushi chef.

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8. Constellation Field

Constellation Field is a must-visit for you if you are a baseball lover. The field was opened in 2012 and provided a platform for junior league teams and Sugar Land Skeeters. You will enjoy watching baseball from this huge, clean stadium with excellent facilities.

Apart from baseball, Constellation Field organizes different cultural festivals and Sugar Land Holiday Lights events. It also features a swimming pool, splash pad, basketball court, and children’s play space to keep them entertained.

Constellation Field
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9. Sugar Land Town Square

Sugar Land Town Square is ideal for thrift shopping and binge shopping. It has great shoes and boutiques to suit your fashion needs. In addition, there are artworks, accessories, and gift items to bring home as souvenirs to your family.

Sugar Land Town Square has beauty shops and spas for massage, haircuts, manicures, pedicures, and skin treatments. Stay healthy exercising at their yoga studio while taking photos of their beautiful statue.

Sugar Land Town Square
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10. St. Theresa Catholic Church

While spending your leisure, it’s important to end the vacation with something spiritual. St. Theresa Catholic Church is a place for believers to have a good time while meditating. The church was established in 1927 to create a place for anyone visiting Sugar Land to pray privately.

St. Theresa Catholic Church features a parish hall, youth and adult education center, and a music hall to promote your spiritual life. In addition, you can visit the place to mark the historic expansion of the church and its architectural designs.

St. Theresa Catholic Church
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Final Thoughts

Sugar Land is a beautiful destination to enjoy the leisure and get away from the city’s buzzing activities. Whether you are planning a family vacation or alone time, there are a lot of places to visit. Enjoy the city’s great museums, nature parks, baseball courts, and restaurants. In addition, you can shop in the famous mall and bring your kids to experience some exciting science creativity. Whatever activity you wish to engage in Sugar Land has you sorted out.

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