10 Reasons To Visit Smither Park In Houston

Smither Park was designed by visionary artist Dan Phillips in 2013. Stephanie Smither requested him to design the park in memory of his husband John Smither. Dan is a professional artist and a syndicated cryptogram puzzle maker. This creative urban space honors the philanthropic contributions to the art industry. Smither Park has colorful mosaics designed by over 300 artists worldwide. The artist used recycled material to create beautiful and detailed art.

Today the park is part of the Orange Show Center for Visionary Art that brings more artists to expand the park. Smither Park is a vibrant place anchored by a memory wall of 400 feet with more than 50 various panels. It is a venue for vibrancy and creativity. This park is fit for fun activities to include arts, photography, weddings, and picnic areas. Admissions are always free with the following places to visit.

Address: 2441 Munger Street Houston, TX 77023

Phone: (713) 926-6368

10 Reasons to Visit Smither Park For An Enjoyable Time

1. Host events at Lindley Fish Amphitheater

Lindley Fish Amphitheater is a meticulously sculpted head of a giant angler fish coming up. The artist designed it to resemble the mouth of a fish. Lindley Fish Amphitheater has corrugated metals to resemble scales and mirrors filling the throat to outline the interior of the mouth. It is made from recycled wood and street signs for a beautiful view.

If you are planning a wedding, birthday party, workshop, concert, or company event this place is wonderful. It is spacious and sound is projected down to the park. In addition, you can catch live music and performances from musicians and dancers in this lively space.

Smither Park - Host events at Lindley Fish Amphitheater
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2. Spare time for Meditation

Are you looking for a quiet place to reflect? Smither Park offers mediation moments for families and individuals. The Marilyn Oshman Meditation Garden is a place to relax and reflect. The garden contains a meditation wall designed with stark white color for fascinating exploration.

The wall features more than 60 different mosaic panels from various artists across the country. The garden is quiet with no crowds to create space for meditation and still contemplation. Broken bath tiles, cups, saucers, and towel holders were used to make this place incredible.

Smither Park - Spare time for Meditation
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3. Play and Swing at the Park

Enjoy memorable family time at Smither Park and create memories. The popular Hinton and Mathre Swings allow you to take a break from the city’s busy life. It creates a good sense of play and wonders thus a favorite place for kids of all ages.

The swings are dragon-themed and were designed by Liso Nigro inspired by Drake the Dragon art. Enjoy family time and bring your kids to swing back and forth at these fascinating swings.

Smither Park - Play and Swing at the Park
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4. Photography

Smither Park is one of the most photographed places. The beautiful collection of art, mosaics, and sculptures are attractive. Take photos at the half-green acre space or the dragon-themed swings for a memorable experience. The major attraction for photography in the park includes The Lindley Fish Amphitheatre, Memory wall, and Marilyn Oshman Meditation garden among others.

Smither Park - Photography
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5. Art Tours

Smither Park provides vibrant artful assets to Houston Community which keeps growing and evolving. It is still in progress attracting more artists to deliver their masterpieces. Each Saturday you can see art as artists turn out to work on their in-progress projects.

In addition, there are art tours around the park with families from as far as Paris. People tour the park exploring the incredible mosaics and learning their history. If you are an artist and interested to contribute you can contact the Orange show and get an opportunity.

6. Discover colorful mosaics

As I mentioned earlier, Smither Park is an arts venue with designed pieces by more than 300 artists. These mosaics are created from recycled materials including glass, mugs, and broken dishes.

The eclectic assortment of colorful mosaics makes the park look like an outdoor gallery. Each mosaic has a history of why it was made and the name of the artists. Smither Park is home to an international art destination attracting more people to discover talent and creativity.

Smither Park - Discover colorful mosaics
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7. Pavilions

The park offers you a unique treat with whimsical and incredible pavilions. The famous Vinson and Elkins Pavilion is situated in the middle of the park. It is designed to simulate a forest with four major pillars measuring 50 by 30 feet. The pillars are like huge tree trunks holding the roof thus forming a canopy.

Vinson Elkins Pavilion is shaded with various decorated chandeliers from different artists. The pavilion is suitable for social gatherings and private events. It is spacious and available for rental.

Image Source: viatravelers.com

8. Stroll and walk around the park

Smither Park is a peaceful place to walk around with an array of various mosaics. This place is like a little heaven with abstract designs from art gurus. It is fanciful with unique sidewalks covered in colored glass and recycled materials.

The Shell Plaza Walkways allow you to explore the park. It meanders through the memory wall and meditation garden giving accessibility to all attractions in the park. While strolling, you will notice art made with guitar or kayaks design.

Stroll and walk around the park
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9. Sharpen your art skills

Orange Show has created an artistic space for different artists to nurture their inner creativity. Artists are allowed to contribute their philanthropic art in designing the park. Smither Park has the opportunity to sharpen your creativity through art classes and workshops every Saturday.

Artists make donations of odd materials which are recycled to create refined mosaics. Through evolving projects and commitment, artists become professionals. In addition, you can work as a volunteer and enhance your artistic skills.

Sharpen your art skills
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10. Accommodation

There are a lot of hotels and restaurants around Smither Park for dining and accommodation. These restaurants match up your standard with classic meals and spacious rooms. They include Sambuca, Taqueria Monterrey Chiquito, Taco Cabana, Ray’s Bbq Shack, Chick-fil-A, and Jack in the Box.

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