10 Best Gyms in Houston, Tx, For All Workouts

Despite the fact that there may be many gyms in Houston, they are made in different ways. Therefore, choosing the perfect gym for you can be challenging because there are gyms all over Houston. 

Having a comfortable environment is one method for ensuring that you stick to your fitness goals. This is why we have compiled a list of the 10 best spots for bodybuilding and other workouts in Houston so you can finally find the workouts and setups that work best for you. In addition, these facilities offer professional instruction, nutrition classes, and a place to mingle with other bodybuilders.

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1. Be Fit Gym

Location: 2420 Rusk Street, Houston, TX 77003

Phone: (832) 979-7374

best gym in Houston - Be Fit Gym
Image credit: Be Fit Gym

Located in Houston’s east end, Be Fit Gym is a family-run gym that has been operating since 2015. It is a warehouse gym with a workout floor and equipment for members and visitors.

The membership fee covers the Spin lessons, yoga sessions, and access to all facilities. In addition, they have daily passes if you still need to decide about enrolling as a member. The gym also plays trap, house, electro, dance, and throwback hip-hop music to keep customers motivated as they work out. 

2. Memorial Athletic Club

Location:  14690 Memorial Drive Houston TX 77079

Phone: 281.497.7570

best gym in Houston - Memorial Athletic Club
Image credit: Memorial Athletic Club

The MAC is an all-encompassing gym featuring a pool, racquetball court, sauna, and weight room in the Energy Corridor. It provides 165 group exercise courses per week, including pilates, spinning, yoga, Parisi training, Zumba, aerobics, and more. 

It provides 165 group exercise courses per week, including pilates, spinning, yoga, Parisi training, Zumba, aerobics, and more. The MAC is a family-friendly gym that provides exercise and aquatics lessons for children and teenagers and a “Good Life Program” for members over 60.

MAC is a women-only fitness center that provides treadmills and other exercise equipment as well as yoga and pilates reformer courses in a smaller, more personal setting.

3. Commerce Street Gym 

Location: 2220 Commerce Street, Houston, TX 77002

Phone: (346) 570-1269

best gym in Houston - Commerce Street Gym
Image credit: Commerce Street Gym

Commerce Street Gym is locally owned and operated, offering workout services to people in Houston and the surrounding areas since 2018. It offers both one-time training and scheduled, ongoing training. Additionally, bodybuilding classes are available, with various weights available for people of all ages and fitness levels.

Customers can also purchase day passes to use at new gyms. In addition, one of its trainers, Chrissy Ramirez, has more than 10 years of experience in the field, which guarantees better services.

4. Power House Gym Houston

Location:  8404 Park Terrace, Houston, TX 77017

best gym in Houston - Power House Gym Houston
Image credit: Power House Gym Houston

Power House is located in Houston’s Park Place. The members of this tough gym are expected to work out hard, get stronger, and take fitness seriously. Along with a dedicated group of trainers who can offer you as much or as little guidance as you require, they have all the tools you’ll need to build the body of your dreams. Unfortunately, you can only be enrolled at Power House Gym if you are at least a beginner bodybuilder.   

5. Iron City Gym

Location:  15922 Cypress North Houston Rd #200, Cypress, TX 77429

Phone: (281) 213-2851

best gym in Houston - Iron City Gym
Image credit:Iron City Gym

Since Iron City Gym opened its doors in 1996, it has always maintained its standards.

It is situated in the Cypress neighborhood, about a 25-minute drive from Houston’s downtown. The community of Stonegate is located directly across from the gym, a great place with lovely homes, lush golf courses, and beautiful playgrounds. 

They have all the latest equipment you would anticipate seeing in a bodybuilding gym, but they also have some cool old machines and retro equipment, which adds a little appeal to this intense setting.

6. Kinitro Fitness

Location: 3830 Wilcrest Dr, Houston, TX 77042, United States

Phone: (281) 870-2682

Kinitro Fitness
Image credit:Kinitro Fitness

Adults and teenagers can work out casually under instructors’ supervision at an all-inclusive Westchase gym. They can also take strongman classes or receive personal training to refine their weightlifting techniques.

To give a different experience to their customers each time they visit, Kinitro Fitness offers a variety of unusual workouts, many of which incorporate both obvious and less obvious props, such as heavy weights, barrels, and FITLIGHT.

7. Facet Seven Heights

Location:  2505 W 11th St Houston, Texas 77008

Phone:  713-863-8414

Facet Seven Heights
Image credit: Facet Seven Heights

Facet Seven Heights gym serves clients in Houston and the neighboring areas. It provides instruction for individuals, pairs, and small groups.

The customers’ current levels of fitness are evaluated using the functional movement screening in each of the six fundamental F.A.C.E.T.S. of fitness: flexibility, agility, core, endurance, tone, and strength.

In addition, the Facet Seven Fitness App allows users to keep track of their meals and exercise with a virtual coach using the virtual class library.

8. Metroflex Houston

Location:  1411 Northpark Dr, Humble, TX 77339

Phone: 281-747-744

Metroflex Houston
Image credit: Metroflex Houston

Nathan Payton, a well-known expert in strength nutrition, is the owner of Metroflex, a top-notch powerlifting, and bodybuilding facility in Houston. Seven of the gym’s members have won the title of World’s Strongest Man.

At first sight, this is a serious facility that could seem daunting. Here, they seek to develop champions who have a clear objective and will only put up with people who are up for a challenge or hard work.

The gym prefers to have the staff always available to members while working out instead of charging extra for exclusive personal training sessions.

9. Life Fit Gym

Location:  10570 Fuqua Street, Houston, TX 77089

Phone: 281-484-5433

Life Fit Gym
Image credit: Life Fit Gym

There are two Life Fit Gym locations in Houston. The gym was established in 2011 to offer exercise routines and promote a fitness culture. The classes offered at Life Fit Gym are appropriate for learners of all ages and fitness levels. 

Warm-up activities, cardio workouts, strength training, and cool-down exercises are all included in the group fitness sessions. In addition, customers can take a shower in the locker rooms after courses and grab water or protein drinks.

10. Elle Fitness

Location:   1533 N Shepherd Dr #220 Houston, TX 77008

Phone: (832) 903-1551

Elle Fitness
Image credit: Elle Fitness

Elle Fitness is an all-female gym which offers nutrition counseling, personal training, and a variety of group exercise classes. It’s aimed toward maintaining your health and fitness before, during, and after pregnancy, such as Maternity Zumba, Mommy and Me Yoga, pregnancy-safe circuit training, and postpartum ab strength and HIIT classes.

There are also cardio, core, and strength training programs throughout the week emphasizing the upper and lower body, so you can still get your workout in a welcoming environment even if you’re not expecting (or expecting to be expecting).

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