10 Best After-Hours Clubs & Bars in Houston

I can’t recall the number of times I have been caught up with closing hours while having fun at my favorite bar in town, and I was not ready to go home yet and let go of the great night out. We’ve all been here on more than one occasion, which can be very disappointing.

Good news! We have researched and selected the best after-hours bars in Houston where you can stop over in those odd hours past the standard closing time. Therefore, you need not worry since you know exactly where to head to and continue the party once you and your friends are kicked out of your local bar.

1. Etro Nightclub

Address: 114 S Main Street, Houston, TX 77002

Phone: 713-521-3876

Type: lounges, dance club

Etro Nightclub
Image Credit: visthillstone.com

Located on Main Street, Houston is this small venue that waits until 2 am to close. This is the perfect place to end your evening for lovers of 80s music. Every weekend you will be excited to listen to these great tunes and good sing-along since they host an 80s night.

Apart from the old school music, you will also love their disco, EDM, and electro music. In addition, they host fabulous events like live band performances from the smiths and the cult, dance nights, and tribute nights.

The vibe at this place is on another level with welcoming, friendly staff, good sized dance floor, two lounges, a covered patio, and plenty of seating space.

2. Cloud 9 No Stress

Address: 10400 Harwin Drive, Houston, 77036

Phone: 713-815-9223

Type: dance club

Best after Hours Clubs and Bars in Houston - Cloud 9 No Stress
Image Credit: flickr.com

This is one of Houston’s popular joints known for after-hours service. It is always safe to head to since the closing time is around 5 am. The place is usually stocked from about 2 am, with party-minded people aiming to enjoy the night away.

The best part about this club is that you will never miss food. Despite how late you drop in, food is always available to soak up the night’s drinks. The only setback is the parking fee of up to $20. However, you can opt to park around the corner of the building in a small park reserved that is much cheaper.

3. South Beach

Address: 808 Pacific Street, Houston, TX 77006

Phone: 713-529-7623

Type: dance club, gay bar

South Beach
Image Credit: facebook.com/SOBEHouston

This unique spot to hang out with friends is right in the heart of Montrose. They mainly play techno music and host special events and spectacles. People flock to the south beach every weekday to enjoy the light show where a state-of-the-heart, multi-colored laser machine is put on.

4. Dirt Bar

Address: 1209 Caroline, Houston, TX 77002

Phone: 713-651-3988

Type: a dive bar, lounge

Best after Hours Clubs and Bars in Houston - Dirt Bar
Image Credit: flickr.com

Dirt bar is the first place that springs into the minds of many people looking for after-hours bars in Houston. But, contrary to your expectation based on the name, this place is far from a dive bar.

Even though it has a dark décor inside, it is not in dingy way. In fact, the place is cozy, cool trendy, and has a gothic feeling. Definitely not a place to find creepy people lurking in the corner all night.

5. Barbarella Houston

Address: 2404 San Jacinto St, Houston, 77002

Phone: 261-501-2561

Type: dance club, dive bar

Barbarella Houston
Image Credit: facebook.com/BarbarellaHTX

Barbarella is a brilliant dance and dive bar popular in Houston for a staple nightlife. They close at 3 am where each night has its theme. It is the spot to reminisce about the great 80s and 90s music. However, their parking space is limited. Therefore, please take a cab or park elsewhere.

6. Club New Ice

Address: 6163 Wilcrest Dr, Houston, TX 77072

Phone: 832-386-9349

Type: dance club, cocktail bar, music venue

Best after Hours Clubs and Bars in Houston - Club New Ice
Image Credit: facebook.com/clubnewicehouston

If you enjoy afro-centric vibes, club new ice is the ideal place for you. This bar guarantees a memorable experience, from its cultural vibes and great DJ mix to the euphoric feeling. Also, hookah and suya are available to light up your night. Entry is free every Sunday, with happy hours on their drinks.

7. Pour Behavior

Address: 2211 Travis Street, Houston, TX 77002

Phone: 833-623-4283

Type: Sports bar, American lounge

Pour Behavior
Image Credit: pourbehaviortx.com

Pour behavior is the place for pure fun. The place is filled to the core from Friday to the weekend, and you will have to squeeze onto the dance floor with other wild fellas. Also, there are VIP orders for private birthday parties (by the way, grab some birthday cakes from these top cake bakeries in Houston) and other special events.

8. The Sugar Room

Address: 5120 Washington Ave, Houston, TX 77007

Phone: 832-368-3288

Type: speakeasies venue & event space

Best after Hours Clubs and Bars in Houston - The Sugar Room
Image Credit: sugarroombar.com

This upscale place has a classy modern feel to give you a comfortable nightlife scene. They have a cozy lounge area, a large patio that is 2000 square feet, and a serene environment to enjoy the fresh air as the night ends. There is plenty of wine list, hand-crafted cocktails, and spirits selection for drinks.

9. Cle

Address: 2301 Main St, Houston, TX 77002

Phone: 713-684-2253

Type: dance club

Best after Hours Clubs and Bars in Houston - Cle
Image Credit: clehouston.com

This is a nice-looking club with a unique and brilliant atmosphere. It has a luxurious interior décor style, great drinks, and a huge dance floor. They are also known to be masters of entertainment, having an upscale, vibrant vibe, live music performances, and famous DJs behind the great music mix.

Here, you can spend the night partying at the three bars, individually themed lounge areas, pool with daybed area, VIP cabanas, or in their elevated party deck.

10. Numbers Night Club

Address: 300 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77006

Phone: 713-521-1121

Type: dance club

Numbers Night Club
Image Credit: numbersnightclub.com

This popular nightclub in Houston is known for offering cheap and a great selection of drinks. Concerts here accommodate all ages except for the dance club, where they only allow adults. They have set aside five days a week for dancing.

For over 4 decades, numbers night club has been offering a wide range of acts passing across the stage, from Seven dust to Sheryl crow. Every Wednesday, there is happy hour with a beer selling for 50 cents.

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