10 Best Running Trails In Houston, Texas

Houston has green parks and perfect weather to favor running. In addition, there are scenic urban paths that give you the best nature trails in the city. The running trails in Houston have unique pavements and gorgeous hideouts to offer you a quiet gateway. So whether you are a runner or a professional stroller, check out our top running trails in Houston.

1. White Oak Bayou

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If you are training for a marathon or just running, White Oak Bayou is the place for you. White Oak Bayou is a busy place for fitness gurus and runners. The running trail is crowded with bikers, so always take precautions.

White Oak Bayou extends 17 miles through fascinating landscapes in Houston. The trails are paved so that you can see bikers alongside you. The environment here is peaceful and calm for short- and long-distance running. However, remember to carry enough water if you are considering a long run since there are fewer water fountains along the way.

2. Rice University

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Rice University is a beautiful college campus offering a picturesque spot for running. The outer loop running trail has gravel paths and water fountains, making it perfect even in the summer heat. In addition, you can explore the university’s tranquil oasis while exploring the academic buildings.

Rice University offers a 2.92-mile trail of special tours and architecture around the campus. The canopying oaks provide you with shade, making running more bearable. Rice University loop is filled with runners throughout the day, making you feel motivated.

3. Terry Hershey Park Hike and Bike Trail

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Terry Hershey Park Hike and Bike Trail are perfect for long runs. It provides 11 miles of exploration connecting Buffalo Bayou and South Maydee Creek. This running trail has scenic grass and footpaths with concrete perfect for running.

If you consider not running so far, use the paved paths covered with shade. Other amenities include walking trails, butterfly gardens, pavilions, playgrounds, and picnic spots after you run, shower in their bathrooms, and enjoy your afternoon here.

4. George Bush Park

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George Bush Park features a system for runners, bikers, and joggers. This 7800-acre park and nature reserve has incredible running trails with beautiful forests, bayou, and swamplands. George Bush Park connects with Terry Hershey Trail, making 22 miles of running.

There is a famous boardwalk wooden bridge perfect for running along the park. Do your running in the morning hours while the place is not busy. You will also find recreational fields, lakes, bridges, and picnic areas to relax. Also, be cautious while running on the trails since the park is popular for bikers.

5. Memorial Park

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Memorial Park is a perfect place for runners, especially during summer. The park has wooded areas that provide shade to escape the scorching sun. You can consider Memorial park for shorter and longer running distances. Don’t worry about where to leave your stuff; the park provides lockers and a shower after a run.

Memorial Park features 2.9 miles of scenic trails around Memorial Park Golf Courses. In addition, two tunnels route underneath main roadways around the park and Woodway connecting several trails. This helps you avoid the traffic on busy days and run without distractions.

6. Hermann Park Trail

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Hermann Park has a shorter running trail of 1.5 miles. This trail offers the best running experience with beautiful landscapes throughout the park. Consider running in the morning since the park is usually crowded during mid-day.

Hermann running trail borders the museum district and Houston zoo, making it a perfect spot for runners. In addition, you will come across a Japanese garden, a comprehensive golf course, and a beautiful reflection pool throughout this park.

7. Heights Neighborhood

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The Heights Trail extends into the most beautiful and vibrant neighborhoods in Houston. This running trail extends 5 miles throughout the city with huge paved trails. Heights neighborhood is a nice place downtown with beautiful restaurants and bungalow homes.

You can run through the residential apartments following Heights Blvd. They have flat trails with big shady trees that provide a breezy atmosphere while running. Other than running, the Heights neighborhood has great things to offer. After your run, enjoy shopping or some delicious meals from the surrounding restaurants.

8. Buffalo Bayou

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Buffalo Bayou is a popular place in Houston used by runners, walkers, and cyclists. This 100-acre urban park has concrete trails on both sides of the bayou. The Kinder Footpath is reserved for runners and walkers who prefer the bayous banks.

Buffalo Bayou has plenty of beautiful natural scenery and landscaping to enjoy while running. However, while you are not running, you can enjoy the incredible view of the downtown skyline. For an urban adventure, you can use the North Braeswood trail for a unique running experience.

9. Brays Bayou

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Brays Bayou is a nice spot if you prefer a few fellow runners. The place has a waterside trail with paved sidewalks and underpasses for the short or long run. Brays’ running trail has a lovely running route passing through the Greenway. It extends 14 miles through Houston’s central and southern areas.

Alternatively, you can enjoy your jig through the park while admiring the wooded areas filled with wildflowers. A tip to note is Brays Bayou has fewer shaded areas and fountains, so carry enough water and find a suitable place to relax.

10. Cullinan Park

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Cullinan Park is considered an easy route while running. Along this 2.9-mile running trail, you can take a maximum of one hour while running. There are also offshoot trails and connectors if you prefer running along the lake. In addition, three sister trails will loop you around the park, offering beautiful views.

Cullinan Park is great if you want fun trail running and biking. It is fun running around the lavender trail because of the shade and green grass. Enjoy nature, wildlife, and different kinds of the bird while running.


Whether you prefer running to keep fit or just for leisure, consider the above running trails. These trails are equipped with basic amenities to help you during your exercises. Apart from running, you will enjoy Houston’s beautiful nature, parks, and wildlife.

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