15 Inviting Coffee Shops In Houston

Did you know that health experts have found many benefits of drinking the right amount of coffee, among them that coffee can help you live longer? Now, if you live in Houston or are visiting this amazing city and love your cup of coffee, you’re in luck as we will show you the 15 best coffee shops in Houston to go for your caffeine dose. 

1. ThroughGood Coffee Shop

Address: 732 W 27th St Houston, TX 77008

Call: (281) 501-3976

Image source: ThroughGood Coffee on Instagram

Open every day of the week, the ThroughGood Coffee shop is one of the best places to grab coffee and breakfast. They source local coffee beans to make simple but delicious cups of coffee. As you enjoy your coffee, you will be amazed by the rich history, art, and culture on display for a perfectly relaxing environment. 

2. Agora

Address: 1712 Westheimer Houston, TX 77098-1612

Call: (713) 526-7212

Image source: cntraveler.com

Agora is the perfect joint to buy a good cup of coffee plus other drinks such as wines, beers, and more. Serving cold brew coffees, chai lattes, cappuccino, mochas, espressos, and more, it is a good relaxation place, especially if you can find a seat on the outdoor patio. Inside the shop, you will love the wooded anterior plus the wonderful display of antiques and replica art pieces. 

3. Boomtown Coffee

Address: 242 W 19th St Houston, TX 77008

Call: (713) 862-7018

Image source: usarestaurants.info

The Boomtown Coffee shop is the place to visit when looking for a cozy environment to enjoy coffee and meet with someone. Perfectly located in Heights, the shop brews a small batch of beans at a time to serve all the features of a slightly bitter, acidic, but mind-blowing cup for you. 

They serve everything from espressos, lattes, mochas, and more. You can also buy their globally sourced beans or order your morning cup from home if you love the coffee. 

4. Catalina Coffee

Address: 2201 Washington Ave, Houston, TX 77007

Call: (713) 861-8448

Image source: Catalina Coffee on Instagram

Looking for a place to drink coffee as you work on your laptop? The Catalina Coffee shop is the perfect environment for you. They sell anything from Americano, cappuccino, espresso, latte, mocha, drip coffee, iced coffee, and more. You can also order your favorite pastries with the coffee, and if you love the coffee, you can also buy the best beans to brew at home. 

5. Antidote Coffee Shop

Address: 729 Studewood St, Houston, TX 77007

Call: (713) 861-7400

Image source: rootsrated.com

If you need a child-friendly, gluten-free, and quality-service coffee shop, this is the place to go. You will be welcomed by the perfect smell of delicious coffee and the chance to choose between iced coffee, cajeta lattes, espressos, and more. It is the perfect place when you want to work as it is fitted with ample outdoor seating and free Wi-Fi, though you might struggle with parking during rush hours. 

6. A 2nd Cup

Address: 1111 E 11th St, Houston, TX 77009

Call: (832) 962-7656

Image source: chron.com

A 2nd Cup coffee shop is where you should get your coffee if you need to change the world. The shop, which sells espresso, drip coffee, lattes, cappuccino, English toffee mocha, and iced coffee, among other servings, is a non-profit enterprise that uses each sale to fight human trafficking. The cafe is open every day until 5 pm, and you can also order online or follow their activities against human trafficking.

7. Pura Coffee Shop

Address: 7925 Katy Fwy C, Houston, TX 77024

Call: (832) 940-0822

Image source: agirlfromtx.com

The Pura Coffee shop in Houston is your perfect joint if you love dark coffee. The cafe is designed to create an ambient and cozy experience with modern architecture that leaves enough seating for many people. So, you can head there with a group of friends or colleagues and enjoy chocolatey and malty coffees of choice. 

Due to their coffee selections, the Pura Coffee shop does not serve pour-over coffee, but they serve different sweet treats like croissants, muffins, cookies, and Biscotti. 

8. Southside Espresso

Address: 904 Westheimer Rd Ste C, Houston, TX 77006

Call: (713) 942-9990

Image source: zomato.com

This coffee shop only sells coffee brewed from their house-roasted beans plus a few pastries, thus your best joint for a good breakfast. With this menu, you are guaranteed to get a serving prepared with love, dedication, and expertise. The shop sells arguably the best espresso in the city, but you need to get there early to reserve a seat and parking. 

9. Giant Leap Coffee Shop

Address: 1135 Uptown Park Blvd, Houston, TX 77056


3401 Harrisburg Blvd STE G, Houston, TX 77003

Call: (832) 834-3604

Image source: houston.culturemap.com

The Giant Leap has been around since 2018, starting with a location in East End, then moving base to Uptown Park. Before they open a bigger, modern branch at East End, you can visit the Uptown Park shop for a wide variety of coffee and tea beverages. Their espresso is extraordinary, while their iced coffee, Americano, Cappuccino, Cortado, Latte, and drip coffee are worth your visit. 

In addition, you can also order your favorite tea, kombucha, and juices that go down well with their pastries from Cafe Louie. 

10. Blacksmith Coffee Shop

Address: 1018 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77006

Call: (832) 360-7470

Image source: houston.eater.com

This cafe is a joint you can start your day from as there is ready breakfast and even lunch menus. Their coffee selection spans the globe, with beans sourced from Guatemala, Colombia, and other places. Their expansive menu consists of delicious espressos, black coffee, cappuccino, Americano, latte, macchiato, mocha, and cold-brewed coffee. 

You can enjoy your favorite cup with pastries like croissants and biscuits, or opt for a specially-prepared lunch of eggs, chicken, salmon dill, steak, and more.

11. Retrospect Coffee Bar

Address:  3709 La Branch St, Houston, TX 77004

Call: (713) 993-6600

Image source: 365thingsinhouston.com

True to its name, the Retrospect Coffee Bar has a rich history that dates back to 1921, when it opened as a gas station that served customers cold drinks. Fast forward 100 years later, this venue has been transformed into an open-air seating coffee shop with a wide array of coffee selections to choose from. 

You can gobble down your mouth-watering cup of espresso or other fun servings such as a stroopwafel latte with savory crepes named after Texas icons, such as the Lady Bird Johnson crepe. 

12. Campesino Coffee House

Address: 2602 Waugh Dr, Houston, TX 77006

Call: (832) 831-6486

Image source: blog.yelp.com

Are you visiting Houston looking for the best cultural destinations? The Campesino Coffee shop focuses heavily on Latin coffee and decor, thus a great place to start your exploration. They serve coffee brewed from the best Latin beans from countries like Cuba and Guatemala, and the recipes are like no other. 

You can start your day with a fun Café Cubano (Cuban espresso), café de olla, or Maya mocha latte and choose various spices to top it off. In addition to these Latin coffee drinks, the shop also serves traditional coffees like black coffee, cappuccinos, and more. To accompany the cup, you can also order an array of snacks from sandwiches, tacos, fluffy bolillo bread, and plantain chips. 

13. Slowpokes Cafe

Address: 8147 B Long Point Rd, Houston, TX 77055


1203 W 34th St. Suite D. Houston, TX 77018


2925 Richmond Ave. #120 Houston, TX 77098

Call: (281) 888-6502/ (346) 406-3985/ (832) 742-5949

Image source: usareastaurants.info

If you want to discover the culture and personality of the great City of Houston, you will need to visit the Slowpokes cafe that sells coffee, beer, wine, and food. In fact, you can plan your whole day knowing you can get your best coffee and pastry breakfast, a lunch, and Happy Hour and snacks from the joint’s three locations. 

The cafe was started by locals, so they will source the best coffee beans to make delicious espresso, cappuccino, latte, mocha, cortado, flat white coffee, and cold brews. You can enjoy your cup with a snack, sandwich, or flatbread of choice. If passing by in the evening, you can check-in for a beer or glass of wine. 

14. EQ Heights

Address: 1030 Heights Blvd, Houston, TX 77008

Call: (713) 434-6923

ImaImage source: workfrom.co

If you like to start your day at a cozy coffee shop, EQ Heights is the place to do so. The shop gives off a homely, warm feel in and out, and the decor and finishing pay great respect to the Houston community and culture. 

The EQ Heights joint serves all your breakfast orders, whether traditional and fun coffee recipes or your favorite teas. Their coffees range from regular black or flat white coffee to creative recipes like a Cubano or Cafe Breve. You can sip your cup with a savory snack or pastry, including the muffin, sausage kolache, pizza, and croissant. 

15. Wolfsmiths Heights Coffee Shop

Address: 636 W 26th St, Houston, TX 77008

Call: (832) 433-3283

Image source: Wolfsmith Heights on Instagram

One of the best things to do in Houston is riding a classy motorcycle, and you have just the right place to find one in Wolfsmiths Heights. Besides motorcycles, this enterprise hosts an amazing, Houston history-rich cafe that sells delicious coffee and snacks. So, among many other offers, grab yourself a good cup of black coffee or espresso, a taco, or even a beer, kombucha, and soda. 

Featured Image Source: pixabay

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