Ultimate Houston Adventure – A Guide to Thrills & Fun

Looking for thrill, fun, and adventure for that perfect adrenaline rush? Houston wouldn’t disappoint you. The city isn’t just about aquariums, museums, space centers, and zoos. Still, it is also a hub of several high-octane activities like gliding, wakeboarding, parachuting, skydiving, and much more. 

So, if you’re done sightseeing all the interesting places of Houston and wish to go beyond seeking aesthetic pleasure and enhancing your knowledge, get geared up for some exciting adventures. Don’t worry. Houston has an abundance of exciting activities to boost your spirits. 

Top 5 Thrilling Activities To Do in Houston 

If adventure had always been on your cards, Houston wouldn’t be the wrong place. You could enjoy various activities – skydiving, horse racing, shooting, and more. 

1. Go Skydiving 

Would you like to engage yourself in a surreal experience of the wind brushing past your face as you soar high in the sky? The 134-acre Skydive Spaceland is the perfect place to go. You would have a lot of options at your disposal there. Before taking the final plunge, you may take classes and learn the nitty-gritty of the different skydiving disciplines, like free flying and wing suiting. However, if you have prior experience, you can go solo. If not, go tandem, where an instructor connects to you via a harness and guides you throughout the dive.

The facility is open throughout the week from 8 am-6 pm from Monday – Friday; and 7:30 am to sunset on Saturdays and Sundays. 

2. Get Set for a Horse Race 

If you are in for placing your bets on the fastest horse and waiting with bated breath to see it run through tracks, then the Sam Houston Race Park is your go-to place. Book a seat at the Winner’s Circle for a comfortable and lavish experience while you watch the races. In addition, you would be entitled to a multi-tiered seat with a sumptuous lunch spread. You can make reservations online or via phone, with the offices open from 9 am to 4 pm, Monday through Saturday. 

If you are a novice at horse racing, the Fan Education Center is there for your assistance to teach you the basics of betting. Besides horse racing, the park has other things to entertain you, like food truck festivals, concerts, and car shows. 

Check our guide for the best horseback riding spots in Houston to explore more options.

3. Get Ready for a Shooting Spree 

Isn’t shooting sporting clays fun for both the experienced and novice? If you’d love to get a first-hand experience of activities like skeet shooting and bullseye shooting, the American Shooting Center inside George Bush Park would be the perfect destination. 

4. Go Waterskiing and Wakeboarding 

Wake Nation Adventure Park is the absolute place to go for a fulfilling wakeboarding, water skating, and waterskiing experience. The best part is you wouldn’t need a boat but would be pulled across by an overhead cable system standing on 35-foot tall towers made of steel.

There is a practice pond for novice riders where they can make an easy start. Experienced riders can go directly to the lake equipped with sliders, custom-made jumps, and grind rails. To avail of the rides, one should at least be five years old. 

5. Be Prepared For Some Fascinating Rock Climbing 

Has rock climbing always been one of the things you’ve had on your bucket list? If you are in Houston, you will get a chance to have your wish fulfilled. The Texas Rock Gym is the best facility in Houston to provide indoor rock climbing and bouldering facilities.

In addition, climb-safe classes are arranged for all participants to garner knowledge about the basics of rock climbing and also manage the inherent risks associated with it in the future.

4 of the Popular Amusement Parks in Houston 

Amusement parks are one of those places where you can unwind yourself and indulge in a fun-filled experience. Houston has plenty of them. Read on to learn about some of the popular ones.

1. Kemah Boardwalk 

Established during the 1990s, this amusement is at a distance of 30 miles from downtown Houston. Of the several rides the park offers, the Boardwalk Bullet, a wooden roller coaster, is one of the most fascinating ones that can reach speeds of 51 miles/hr. You would find other exciting rides like the carousel, Ferris wheel, and pendulum swings. 

2. Six Flags Hurricane Harbor 

Functional since 1984, this is one of Houston’s oldest waterparks, equipped with water slides, swimming pools, and designated areas for kids. For some sheer excitement that would have your nerves go haywire, you could try the RipQurl, and Paradise Plung. But, if you lack nerves of steel, then you better go for the lazy river. 

3. Houston Funplex 

An indoor amusement park, the Houston  Funplex is a recreational complex with skating, bowling, go-karts, and trampolines all under one roof. The park also provides amazing rides like a Ferris wheel, bumper cars, and a drop tower. 

4. Big Rivers Waterpark 

This 645-acre entertainment facility is perfect for taking your kids on weekends. The lazy river, massive wave pool, slides, roller coasters, petting zoo – the list of rides and fun activities here is endless. 

Did you know that some of Houston’s plush hotels have water parks as well. Wish to go there? Check Houstoning and you will be guided well. 

So on your next visit to Houston, you know what to do if you want to explore that wild and adventurous side.

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