15 Latin Clubs For Fun, Salsa Music, and Dance In Houston,Tx

Houston is popular for its nightlife, discos, nightclubs, and bars. If you are local or visiting Houston, enjoy good vibes and create unforgettable memories. Latin clubs here have the best music scenes, delicious food, and famous DJs. These clubs keep rocking world-class salsa music and dancing until the wee hours of the morning. Quench your thirst for upbeat Latin music by visiting the following finest and paramount Latin Clubs.

1. Barbarella

Barbarella offers themed nights and outstanding underground dance music. It is a perfect place to escape the city hustles and relax with friends. The unique thing about Barbarella is a massive dance floor with televisions everywhere playing Latin songs.

To experience perfect salsa music and dance, visit the club on Fridays. You will experience immersive dancing, a fun atmosphere, and socialization.

Address: 2404 San Jacinto St, Houston, TX 77002

Phone: (281) 501-2561

Barbarella Latin club in Houston,Tx
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2. Club Tropicana

Do you love salsa dancing? Club Tropicana is the best Latin club in Houston with an excellent studio for salsa dancers. The decor resembles the Latin world including its sketchy location and dim lights.

At Club Tropicana, you show off your salsa dancing skills or learn by watching others. The staff is friendly and ready to teach you these great moves and make your night memorable.

Address: 3222 Fondren Rd, Houston, TX 77063

Phone: (713) 977-4188

Latin Clubs For Fun, Salsa Music, and Dance In Houston,Tx
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3. Belvedere

For the past seven years, Belvedere has been a home for Latin Music. This is a great venue to gather with friends after an ideal sunset and enjoy the Latin atmosphere. Belvedere has spacious dance floors and a discotheque that plays Salsa Music.

The evenings here are filled with vibrancy and crowd dancing to the best Latin music. In addition, there are excellent patios that create a perfect setting for gatherings. You will enjoy a tasty dinner and various drinks including beers, mocktails, and wine.

Address: 1131-01 Uptown Park Blvd #310, Houston, TX 77056

Phone: (713) 552-9271

Latin Clubs For Fun, Salsa Music, and Dance In Houston,Tx
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4. Cle

Cle is a fantastic Latin club with a luminous and unique ambiance ushering you to nightlife luxury. Everybody enters this club falls in love with the massive dance floor and three elegant bars. It is surrounded by music and sensual colors to appeal to your senses.

This club hosts popular DJs and influential Latin artists for a day and nightclub experience. Furthermore, there are additional indoor and outdoor lounges, elevated party decks, and VIP cabanas for special events.

Address: 2301 Main St, Houston, TX 77002

Phone: (713) 955-2302

Cle Latin Club
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5. Escapade 2001 Houston

Have you ever danced to some Latin Music? Escapade 2001 is a family-friendly spot with plenty of fun and entertainment. In this club, you will discover various Latin dances such as Zapateado, Bachata, and Merengue.

Escapade 2001 has six separate Latin clubs in the same building to create space for guests. The dance floor is dizzying with excellent Salsa dancers. Apart from salsa, Live Latin music is performed by renowned artists.

Address: 11903 Eastex Fwy, Houston, TX 77039

Phone: (281) 372-1100

Latin Clubs For Fun, Salsa Music, and Dance In Houston,Tx
Image Source: escapadehouston.com

6. Lumen Lounge

Lumen Lounge is an elegant club that gives you the best nightlife experience. Although you will encounter all kinds of songs played, Latin music is common. Every Thursday the bar plays the best Latin songs and engages the crowd in salsa dancing.

Lumen Lounge offers cocktails in addition to your admission fees. It’s important to note, this Latin Bar is quite expensive. You will need an additional $20 for valet parking and $10 as a cover fee.

Address: 5020 Kirby Dr, Houston, TX 77098

Phone: (713) 807-7567

Lumen Lounge in Houston, Texas
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7. Fox Hollow

Located along Nett Street in Houston, Fox Hollow boasts the city’s best Latin dance night and music. This bar has professional dancers taking over the dance floor all night long. The music is thrilling with solid DJs and an extensive list of cocktails.

In addition to salsa lessons, Fox Hollow has live music daily from 10 pm. There are also special events such as Bon Bon night which happens once a month with a mix of salsa, hip-hop, and Spanish music.

Address: 4617 Nett St, Houston, TX 77007

Phone: (713) 869-2117

Latin Clubs For Fun, Salsa Music, and Dance In Houston,Tx
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8. Chula’s Sports Cantina

Chula’s Sports Cantina is a super soccer-centric spot with tons of TVs. Despite its authenticity as a sports bar, you won’t miss salsa dance at this bar. The ambiance is classy plus a full-service bar with various portioned sections.

If you are not catching your favorite game, join the dance floor and dance to the best Latino Music. The staff is super friendly serving the best margaritas and cocktails alongside popular Mexican dishes.

Address: 10516 Katy Fwy, Houston, TX 77043

Chula's latin sports bar
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9. Bamboleo VIP

Another Latin Club on our list is Bamboleo VIP. Bamboleo is an exclusive club with a nice ambiance, Latin music, and dances. You will enjoy time dancing to salsa bachata, merengue, and reggaeton.

Every Friday the club offers Salsa and X-over to guests where you will learn new salsa moves and hype your style. Saturdays are meant for full Salsa, meaning all day people dance only to salsa tunes. Bamboleo VIP has plenty of free parking and reasonable entry fees.

Address: 5555 Hwy 6 N, Houston, TX 77084

Phone: (281) 210-7868

Bamboleo VIP Exclusive Latin Club
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10. Fabian’s Latin Flavors

If you love classical Latin Music, visit Fabians Latin Flavors. This is a contemporary Latin bar with a clubby setting offering Latin cuisines and cocktails. The menu features eclectic flavors such as empanadas, ceviche, and Cuban ribs.

Fabians combines Latin and American flavors in food and décor. Although this spot is mainly for dining, there are regular salsa nights and Live Djs. All the Latin dancing and music you’ve been missing in your life is under this restaurant’s roof.

Address: 301 Main St, Houston, TX 77002

Phone: (713) 227-0440

Latin Clubs For Fun, Salsa Music, and Dance In Houston,Tx
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11. Chayns

Strap your bachata shoes and head over to Chayns. Chayns is a retro club featuring karaoke events and the best Latin dance nights in an elegant setting. This old-school club is a favorite spot for Houstonians to drink, dance, mingle, and have a great time.

The salsa nights draw you back to the old Latin ways. Every Thursday Chayns hosts Latin nights for salsa, bachata, and merengue dances. Purchase tickets and enjoy the Latin fest with awesome drinks and delicious food.

Address: 3920 Farm to Market 1960 Rd W, Houston, TX 77068

Phone: (281) 444- 4411

Chayns Retro Club in Houston, Tx
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12. Metropolis and Extravaganza

Metropolis and Extravaganza are the best Latin bars where you will experience Latin nightclubbing at hand. This club is enormous with two floors for various Latin dancing styles to accommodate the large crowd.

The atmosphere is classy with fashionable seats to enjoy drinks while watching people dance. Every day, Metropolis and Extravaganza offer various Latin events including Latin Saturday, Epic Sunday, and Trendy Fridays.

Address: 8925 Richmond Ave., Houston, TX 77063

Phone: (346) 212-7557

Metropolis and Extravaganza Latin Night clubs
Image Source: 713area.com

13. Cielo Latin Bar and Grill

Cielo Latin Bar is a venue for traditional Latino rhythms. The place is less crowded to offer enough space for clients during salsa nights. Couples dance on the dance floor while hard drinkers enjoy the inventive cocktails and shots.

Cielo Latin Bar has a way of bringing people together. Famous DJs and local artists usually play traditional Latin music as a way to commemorate its culture. In addition, the authentic Puerto Rican cuisine keeps you energized the whole night.

Address: 314 Sawdust Rd #113, Spring, TX 77380

Phone: (832) 257- 4940

Latin Clubs For Fun, Salsa Music, and Dance In Houston,Tx
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14. Principe Azul Club

After a hard day at work, head over to Principe Azul for some leisure. Principe Azul offers great salsa music, and dance filled with fun and entertainment. This Latin club has been in business for 25 years and continues to serve Houstonians with great Latin music and food.

Principe Azul is a high-energy club with a luxurious setting and incredible Latin music. Book your reservation early since this club opens on Monday and Saturday from 9 pm to 2 am.

Address: 6469 Hillcroft Ave, Houston, TX 77081,

Phone: (281) 906-8942

Enjoy latin music in Principe Azul Club
Image Source: principe-azul-night-club.business.site

15. Story Ultralounge

Story Ultralounge is an upscale bar allowing you to enjoy your time. This bar has an inviting atmosphere with classic décor that is impressive. Inside Story Ultralounge, there are three various bars for drinks and music. The Latin bar in particular offers a high-end energetic dance floor with an intimate setting.

Bring your memories back to the traditional Latin world with upbeat salsa music. The bar is crowded with weekend clubbers enjoying music and delectable drinks. If you wish to relax and enjoy the scene of people dancing, make a reservation at the VIP booth with champagne and premium cocktails.

Address: 3302 Mercer St, Houston, TX 77027

Phone: (210) 730-6830

Image Source: m.yelp.com

Final Thoughts

Houston is a diverse community with a lot of restaurants, beaches, bars and clubs. With this diversity a lot of clubs and restaurants have transformed to offer night clubbing. So whether you are looking for a fancy or a simple venue to enjoy your evening, Latin clubs have it all. From salsa lesson, music and dance.

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