Top 10 Mediterranean Food Spots to Try in Houston

Houston is a foodie city with cuisines from different cultures. Mediterranean food has gained popularity among Houstonians because of its natural spices. With the familiarity with cuisines, different restaurants have majored in Mediterranean food as their specialty. Delight your taste buds with Greek-style chargrilled octopus, lamb gyro, and falafel. Below are the best Mediterranean restaurants in Houston, Texas, that boast classical dishes of Mediterranean food.

1. Aladdin Mediterranean Cuisine

Aladdin is the finest restaurant serving delicious Mediterranean food. Fill your plate with your favorite options of caramelized onion hummus, crispy fried cauliflower, bone lamb shank, Lebanese cucumber salad, and baba ghannouj.

This restaurant has a lot to pick from. It has ample seating offering tasty shawarma, chickpeas with tahini, kebabs, and other Mediterranean staples. Aladdin Mediterranean dip is prepared with lemon, touch of garlic and chickpeas.

Address: 912 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77006

Phone: +1 713-942-2321

best Mediterranean food in Houston - Aladdin Mediterranean Cuisine
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2. Craft Pita

You can never go wrong with Mediterranean cuisine, especially on a date night. Craft Pita is always a unique spot to dine. Founded by Rafael Nasr, this restaurant prepares Mediterranean craft dishes using Lebanese ingredients.

The menu here incorporates Nasr’s family olive oil from Lebanon. Enjoy fiery hummus and labneh topped with za’atar spiced Maneesh, the Lebanese flatbread. Their shoestring fries are delicious and served with fattoush salad, pomegranate vinaigrette, and garlic alioli.

Address: 1920 Fountain View Dr, Houston, TX 77057

Phone: +1 832-804-9056

best Mediterranean food in Houston - Craft Pita
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3. Fadi’s Mediterranean Grill

With six locations in Houston, Fadi’s Restaurant has served Mediterranean and Lebanese food for over a century. Its owner Chef Fadi Dimassi uses true family recipes from the Mediterranean coast to prepare most dishes.

The signature dishes are beef kafta, muhammara, baba ghanoush, and lamb kabob. These dishes are topped with basmati rice, hummus, coriander potatoes, warm pita, and pomegranate eggplant. Fadi’s Mediterranean award-winning is the falafel dish. It comprises fava beans, chickpeas, and spiced fried balls of patties.

Address: 6365 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77057

Phone: +1 281 556-8390

best Mediterranean food in Houston - Fadi's Mediterranean Grill
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4. Nazif

Enjoy thoughtfully sourced Mediterranean food at Nazif. Nazif celebrates culture by combining Mediterranean, Balkan, and Middle Eastern flavors in Houston. This Turkish restaurant and Grill uses traditional spices to prepare their dishes.

Nazif’s menu includes lahmacun flatbreads, Turkish salami, coal-fired lamb chops, and mixed grill platters with cheese. You can also order nonalcoholic drinks and sweets from baklava and kataifi pudding.

Address: 8821 Westheimer Rd #109, Houston, TX 77063

Phone: +1 713- 977- 4476

best Mediterranean food in Houston - Nazif
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5. Niko Niko’s

Niko Niko’s is a family-friendly restaurant serving fast-paced dinner-style Mediterranean cuisine. Their signatures include spanakopita, moussaka, feta fries, souvlaki, and falafel. In addition, Niko Nikos offers authentic services, including an extensive Greek menu.

The food is amazing and usually served on Styrofoam plates. The gyros and lamb shank are legendary here. In addition, Niko Niko’s serves great desserts, loukoumads, fried honey balls, and Mediterranean coffee.

Address: 2520 Montrose, Houston, TX 77006

Phone: +1 713-528- 4976

best Mediterranean food in Houston - Niko Niko's
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6. Ouzo Bay

With its coastal concept, Ouzo Bay is a true escape to the Mediterranean. They serve amazing Mediterranean cuisines with a Greek flare. Their specialties comprise tirokafteri, pita, and bright tzatziki stuffed with flaming saganaki and Wagyu grape leaves.

Ouzo Bay also serves seafood, including fresh fish from different countries, wild-caught Aegean Bronzino, and royal dorade. Finally, order a glass of wine from the lone star’s largest Greek wine and pair it with your Mediterranean food.

Address: 4444 Westheimer Rd, Suite G130, Houston, TX 77027

Phone: +1 832-430-6610

Ouzo Bay
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7. Phoenicia Specialty Foods

Phoenicia is a family-run specialty store that conveys belts of pita and Mediterranean-style bread. Here you will find slow-roasted lamb shank, shawarma wraps, tabouli hummus with Moroccan olives, and Greek bronzini.

Salads are served in varieties, including cucumber salad. Their beef dolmas are special since its prepared using pine nuts, beef, chopped zucchini, and red pepper. If you are a vegetarian, enjoy their vegan options of winter harvest salad, mushroom veggie skewers, and vegetable fajitas.

Address: 12151 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77077

Phone: +1 281-558-0416

Phoenicia Specialty Foods
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8. Hamsa

Hamsa offers great vibes with its vibrant Mediterranean eats salatim mosaic served as small side dishes. This modern restaurant has a lot to offer. So invite your friends and enjoy grilled branzino, spare lamb ribs, and beef tenderloin with spiced butter and za’atar.

Their side plates include tomato, pepper matbucha, fiery carrot harissa, and silky baba ganoush. Thursday nights are for extra fun since the restaurant turns into a party with belly dancing, live music, shots, and extensive cocktails.

Address: 5555 Morningside Drive, Suite 100, Houston, TX 77005

Phone: +1 281-612-3515

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9. Arabella Mediterranean Kitchen + Grill

Arabella takes pride in Mediterranean food handed over from one generation to another. It was named after the historical moniker of the Jordanian city of Irbid. Recipes used in this restaurant are often with a Third coast Twist.

Enjoy plates of lamb shank, shawarma wrapped in tortillas, shredded chicken, and Lebanese tacos. Fill your plate with spicy hummus served with grape leaves in large salad bowls. Make your dinner worthy with chicken liver and spiced kafta kabobi. Finish with pistachio and honey Lebanese pudding for dessert.

Address: 6377 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77057

Phone: +1 281-766-5666

Arabella Mediterranean Kitchen + Grill
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10. AL Quick Stop

AL Quick stop boasts an extensive menu of Mediterranean food. This restaurant has been a Montrose staple for over 30 years. Delight yourself in Mediterranean eats of shawarma and pickles wrapped in a warm pita, zippy garlic sauce, and beef.

The lamb gyro is huge and piled with fries, tzatziki, and a drizzle of hot sauce. Their silky hummus is always served as a side plate. Score shawarmas and spit-roasted meats are paired with rice, fried cauliflower, spicy potatoes, stuffed kibbeh, and Lebanese lentil soup.

Address: 2002 Waugh Dr, Houston, TX 77006

Phone: +1 713-522-5170

AL Quick Stop
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While visiting Houston, be adventurous and explore its welcoming restaurants. Include Mediterranean restaurants that serve you with best Mediterranean food. The eateries, as mentioned above, prepare these dishes with traditional Mediterranean spices and ingredients. Enhance your culinary experience by visiting one of them and tasting the amazing food.

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