10 Places To Enjoy Paintball in Houston, Texas

Paintball is a fashionable sport where you obtain strategy and team play skills with each other. It is a famous game practiced by everyone worldwide despite their age. Paintball can be played indoors or outdoors. In Houston, this game is popular with a unique aspect and different pricing. So if you are exhausted or want to find a fun schedule, consider Paintball with friends. We have researched the top 10 paintballing venues in Houston.

1. Urban Warzone Paintball

Urban Warzone Paintball is the best spot for paintballing, with locations in Downtown Houston. If you are a professional or a newbie, this place offers a quality experience. In addition, you will play Paintball with your friends as a private team without sharing the arena.

UWP has artificial obstacles to create more fun and trained staff to take accountability for your safety. Enjoy the VIP Membership with lower impact and unlimited ammunition for kids and adults.

Type: Indoor

Cost: $34.95 inclusive of equipment

Address: 2315 Telephone Rd, Houston, Texas 77023

paintball in Houston - Urban Warzone Paintball
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2. TXR Paintball

TXR Paintball offers the largest field for paintballing. The place is known for hosting 26-hour scenario games in groups of 20 people. Their facilities include speedball, woods options, and an NXL regulation airball field for paintball tournaments.

First-time players have an amazing time here with a higher level of gameplay. TXR Paintball uses low-impact venues with fewer obstacles that prevent players from getting hurt. This place is also open on holidays and weekends.

Type: Outdoor

Cost: $34 per player

Address: 15550 Grant Rd, Cypress, TX 77429

paintball in Houston - TXR Paintball
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3. Tanks Paintball Park

Tanks Park is one of the oldest paintball venues in Houston. It has an organized and challenging field for the player at every level. There are various fields with beautiful themes for paintballers. Tanks Paintball is designed for players aged 8 and above.

The dirt mound field offers a challenging gaming experience making it the best choice for most players. You can also participate in a specialty game where you must get a flag across a wooded glade. Enjoy their premier services at an affordable price or discounts every week.

Type: Outdoor

Cost: $30 for individual players, $350 for ten players

Address: 22011 Southwest Fwy, Richmond, TX 77469

paintball in Houston - Tanks Paintball Park
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4. Paintball Zone

This is the best Paintball for professionals and rookies. However, Paintball Zone is suitable for all ages, including kids aged 5. They use airsoft paintball guns during the game for enjoyment. The mission of this paintball field is to provide an exceptional experience to all players.

With their two big filed, you can plan to play as a group or individual. If you are a beginner, you can attend the extra classes every weekend and perfect your paintballing skills.

Type: Outdoor

Cost: $25 per player

Address: 14100 Beamer Rd, Friendswood Houston, TX 77546

paintball in Houston - Paintball Zone
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5. Survival Game of Texas

Survival Game has 8 arenas and different themes to match your preference while playing Paintball. They include classic, forest-based, modern, and western themes. If you are thinking of an ideal place to enjoy yourself, it has enough space to be utilized by large crowds.

Their course castle setting offers great fun with tactical planning for all ages. Apart from gatherings, you can book them for private events. They well trained and friendly staff to help you.

Type: Indoor and Outdoor

Cost: $3 for every person 100 paintballs, $26.95 for 2,000 paintballs

Address: 2309 Aldine Meadows Rd, Houston, TX 7700

paintball in Houston - Survival Game of Texas
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6. Glory Paintball

Glory Paintball is owned and managed by a military veteran with vast knowledge and experience in Paintball. They offer scenario plays with a maximum of 200 people, but you can also consider private play sessions. Glory Paintball fields are unique for different kinds of paintball courses.

A lot of courses are based on military training. You will learn technique, strategy, shooting, communication, team plays, and accuracy. The staff here is friendly, with excellent customer service to guide you.

Type: Indoor

Cost: $15 per single player

Address: 2600 Calder Dr., League City, TX 77573

Glory Paintball
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7. Houston Indoor Paintball

Houston Indoor Paintball is perfect for paintballing with controlled temperatures and climate. Their field is covered with padded turf to provide grip as you move about. This allows you to maintain focus on your gaming tactics.

Whether you love paintballing during odd hours, you will still enjoy it. Houston Indoor Paintball has a battlefield with lights at night, making the game enjoyable with no restrictions. Players use 50-caliber guns, and low-impact paintballs shot at 260 fps.

Type: Indoor and Outdoor

Cost: $25 per individual

Address: 16411 Dundee Rd, Cypress, Houston, TX 77429

Houston Indoor Paintball
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8. AGR Sports

AGR Sports is known as a home to Paintball in Houston. The paintball arena is climate-controlled, boosting professional bunkers and turf. Apart from tournaments, you can join training sessions for different paintballs.

They include team death match, capture the flag, battlefield USA, iron man, and soccer paintball. You can also pick any theme you wish for a fascinating paintballing experience. Apart from Paintball, ARG Sports also offers laser tag and Gellyball.

Type: Indoor

Cost: $30 per player

Address: 1300 E 40th St, Houston, TX 77022

AGR Sports
Image Source: agrsports.com

9. H-Town Paintball

Sharpen your paintballing skills at any time of the day. H-Town Paintball is usually open day and night for paintball sessions. Their field is clean with no mud, which works as a motivation for players. In addition, you can book private games as a group of 8 players on weekdays.

H-Town Paintball has a friendly environment with grass, air-conditioned bathrooms, and picnic tables. During tournaments, they provide refreshments for all players. So book your slot as a family and enjoy the best paintball in Houston.

Type: Indoor

Cost: $30 per player, 500 paintballs

Address: 1500 Elton St, Houston, TX 77034

H-Town Paintball
Image Source: htownpaintball.com

10. Houston Gel Blasters

Houston Gel Blasters is one of the best paintball venues with special features. What makes it unique is you use a gel ball to shoot. In addition, Houston Gel Blasters has a modern paintballing field. While playing, the biodegradable pellets leave no stain in the field.

They are usually on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 am to 6 pm. You can book to play as an individual or come with some friends to make the game fun and exciting.

Type: Indoor

Cost: $24.99 per individual

Address: 3909 S Sam Houston Pkwy E, Houston, TX 77047

Image Source: thehypemagazine.com

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