10 Cheap Wedding Venues in Houston, Texas

Planning a wedding should not break your bank account. You can still bring your dream wedding vision to reality and stay on budget. Start reducing the budget by finding an affordable wedding venue.

We have selected 10 cheap wedding venues in Houston where you can narrow down to one that fits your desired kind of vibe.

1. The Springs in Lake Conroe

Address:  14135 Laramie Trail, Montgomery, TX 77316, United States

 Phone: 281-236-2634

Capacity: 300

The Springs in Lake Conroe
Image Credit; springsvenue.com/lake-conroe

The springs event venue is located in cypress. This is the ideal venue for a fairytale wedding due to its chateau model decoration, like the ones found in French castles. Renting this place can go as low as $5500 up to $11500 depending on the season and day you make bookings.

However, this is not an all-inclusive venue; they will help you choose their preferred vendors. The spring is a magical wedding venue where you can bring your own vendors. Renting for a day begins from 9 am – midnight.

2. The Heights Villa

Address: 3600 Michaux St, Houston, TX 77009

Phone: 713-405-9340

Capacity: 300 guests, depending on the selected room

Cheap Wedding Venue in Houston - The Heights Villa
Image Credit: thvhouston.com

The heights villa is an ideal venue for a lavish feel wedding ceremony. It has two ballrooms, two lounges for the bride and groom, buffet rooms, bars, and an outdoor courtyard. The grand ballroom or the ballroom is perfect for both the ceremony and reception.

The two ballrooms are beautifully decorated with chandeliers and wall drapery. In addition, both are equipped with suites for the groom and bride to enjoy privacy before the ceremony. One suite even has a pool table to enjoy a fun game and some photographs.

3. The Garden Houston

 Address: 12001 Beamer Rd, Houston, TX 77089

Phone: 281-481-0181

Capacity: 450 guests

Cheap Wedding Venue in Houston - The Garden Houston
Image Credit: gardenshouston.com

The garden Houston event venue has four different rooms to hold your wedding ceremony from. The place is beautiful and romantic, having white decorations from top to bottom. The chapel can accommodate 200 seated guests.

However, the ballroom can only accommodate 150 seated guests since it is 900 square feet. The garden room, on the other hand, can hold 250 guests and features an atrium. Also, a great dance floor space is 1500 sq. ft. and can hold 300 guests. For a full package, it comes with wall draping, decorations, catering, a bar, a choice of menu, and security.

4. Shirley Acre

Address: 217 Woerner Rd, Houston, TX 77090, United States

Phone: 281-444-2582

Capacity: 400

Cheap Wedding Venue in Houston - Shirley Acre
Image Credit: shirleyacres.com

Shirley acre is a family-owned property on a 21-acre land known for hosting grand weddings. This place was opened over 40 years ago and is located next to the beautiful cypress creek. It features a beautiful grassy courtyard surrounded by palm, pine, and oak trees. There is a unique cedar arbor that is perfect for exchanging vows.

The pavilion or garden room is ideal for the reception. The garden room is perfect for wedding ceremonies since it has enough lighting and it is airy. The ceiling is 20 feet high, with chandeliers and large windows that open to a nice view of the courtyard.

5. The Meekermark

Address:  21156 Karen-Switch Rd, Magnolia, TX 77354, United States

Phone: 281-565-4285

Capacity:  225

Cheap Wedding Venue in Houston - The Meekermark
Image Credit: meekermark.com

The Meekermark is a product of an award-winning wedding photographer who combined modern and historical touches to create a well-understood wedding environment that will leave your guests wowing.

The décor at this place is for couples interested in the charms of country life with a bit of modern aesthetics. It has two barns; one from Canada that provides an open-air chapel and the other for a reception with walls of reclaimed wood and vintage décor.

6. Nouveau Antique Art Bar

Address: 2913 Main Street, Houston, TX 77002

Phone: 713-526-2220

Capacity: 200

Nouveau Antique Art Bar
Image Credit: art-bar.net

This is one of the most unique and affordable wedding venues in Houston. Nouveau antique art bar occupies 4500 square foot land, suitable for wedding events. It gives a feeling of a laidback neighborhood pub because of its elevated rainbow of reproduction tiffany lamps.

The lighting created from the stained glass is extraordinary. Also, you will love their furniture and an antique piano. You can choose to pick their staff for cleanup, setup, bartending services, and catering.

7. The Bell Tower On 34th

Address: 901 W 34th St, Houston, TX 77018

Phone: 713-868-2355

Capacity: 500 guests for a cocktail reception and 350 guests for a seated dinner

Cheap Wedding Venue in Houston - The Bell Tower On 34th
Image Credit: thebelltoweron34th.com

This venue is a mix of an Italian villa and s luxurious hacienda. The large space in the bell tower provides a large array of event venues best for couples searching for a dramatic wedding environment.

You can rent the reception spaces, which include the courtyard with cascading waterfall, ballroom, private gardens flush with lush foliage and fountains,  and banquet halls stocked with chandeliers.

Also, staircases are perfect for photograph sessions and grand entrances, dressing rooms for putting on different outfits and preparation, and a dance floor offering dazzling effects.

8. The Gallery

Address: 6303 Beverly Hill St, Houston, TX 77057

Phone: 713-255-2889

Capacity: up to 300 guests

Cheap Wedding Venue in Houston - The Gallery 
Image Credit: thegalleryhouston.com

The gallery will give a French- Mediterranean kind of vibe reception from their stylish casual venue to unique nature-focused architectural design. The venue will charm you with the hand-carved mahogany bar decorated with tiffany stained glass, twinkle lights, and an antique fountain.

9. Houston Museum of Natural Science

Address: 5555 Hermann Park Dr, Houston, TX 77030, United States

Phone: 713-639-4629

Capacity: 500 guests for a cocktail reception and 350 seated guests

Houston Museum of Natural Science
Image Credit: hmns.org

If you are planning a wedding ceremony that will be left in people’s minds for a long, then the Houston museum of natural science should be your first pick. This place has eleven event venues for you to say, “I do.”

Imagine your long-awaited day surrounded by butterflies and tropical plants and walking down a dramatically lit prehistoric aisle. Water fountains, trees, exquisite gems, and mineral specimens surround the place.

10. The Bougainvilleas

Address: 12126 Westheimer Rd, Ste 112 Houston, TX 77077

Phone: 832-914-7844

Capacity: 350

The Bougainvilleas
Image Credit: thebougainvilleas.com

You will first be welcomed by a lush floral entrance way followed by a classic full-service event space from an intimate golden ballroom to a modern grand ballroom. The place has a Romanesque architectural design. This place is very affordable since it is an all-in-one venue where you can hold both the reception and ceremony in one area.

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