10 Modern Eateries That Serve Asian Food In Houston

Houston has a huge variety of Asian food from all over the continent, with everything from traditional staples to modern fusion. Some of Houston’s best Asian restaurants, in particular, fit the definition of a mom-and-pop shop. These independently owned businesses frequently provide excellent value for money. There’s something here for everyone, regardless of budget or taste.

Narrowing the list is difficult, but don’t worry because we’ve got you covered. Scroll down to see the top-rated Asian restaurants in Houston.

1. Anna Thai Food

best Asian food in Houston -
Image credit: Anna Thai

Anna Thai, located inside Hong Kong City Mall, offers one of Houston’s most authentic menus. It’s always busy at lunchtime, and since Uber Eats and DoorDash, businesses have expanded beyond the regulars. All dishes are served in take-out containers — and don’t forget to order a bottle of water with your meal because you’ll need it! Try the Larb Salad, which features roasted rice powder, red onions, mint, cilantro, and a spicy lime dressing with a kick. Pad Thai and Pad Kra Pow (minced pork stir-fried with long beans, holy basil, and peppers) are also excellent choices. At the front counter, there is also a small market with Thai goodies and snacks.

Phone: (832) 766-8501

Location: 11201 Bellaire Blvd Suite A-6, Houston, TX 77072

2. Phat Eatery 

best Asian food in Houston -
Image credit: Phat Eatery

Phat Eatery opened in Katy Asian Town in 2018 by 2022 James Beard Awards Semifinalist Alex Au-Yeung. They have gained a devoted following for their freshly prepared Malaysian street food, relaxed atmosphere, and warm hospitality. Phat Eatery offers interpretations of regional Southeast Asian specialties inspired by Au-Yeung’s upbringing in Hong Kong, his Malaysian heritage, and both cultures’ rich histories of borrowing from other culinary traditions. Try the Hainese Chicken & Rice, beautifully presented and served with a small pot of fragrant ginger-infused jasmine rice, or the daily-made Sizzling Tofu. The contrast of textures and flavors between the soft, silky egg tofu, crispy outer skin, and savory sauce is exquisite.

Location: 23119 Colonial Parkway Suite B-2 Katy, TX 77449

Phone: (832) 412-2927

3. Thien Thanh Restaurant

Image credit: Thien Thanh

Thien Thanh, a family-owned and operated business for nearly three decades, is Houston’s best Vietnamese Banh Cuon (steamed rice roll) restaurant. Classics like the banh cuon (steamed rice rolls with ground pork) and the banh uot thit nuong are must-orders (steamed rice rolls with grilled pork). North Vietnamese specialties such as cha ca turmeric fish, bun rieu crab, and tomato vermicelli soup round out the menu.

The Cha Ca Thanh Long (turmeric dill fish) on a sizzling plate is a unique Vietnamese dish found only in Chinatown. Note: Carry cash because Thien Thanh accepts only cash.

Location: 11210 Bellaire Blvd # 140 Houston, TX 77072

Phone: (281) 564-0419

4. Hu’s Cooking

best Asian food in Houston -
Image credit: Hu’s Cooking

There are plenty of Szechuan options in the city, but Hu’s Cooking is a one-of-a-kind find in the West University neighborhood. The restaurant bills itself as “fusion Chinese,” but the menu leans heavily toward Szechuan. Spicy Fried Chicken (with massive amounts of dried chili peppers), Sautéed Cumin Lamb, and a fantastic rendition of the traditional Dan Dan noodle are all must-orders. If you’re looking for something different but equally delicious, try the Eggplant stir-fried in a savory caramel sauce or the Crispy Fried Intestine with Chili Pepper.

Location: 2502 W. Holcombe Blvd., Houston, TX 77030

Phone:  713-660-0020

5. Tan Restaurant

Image credit: TAN TAN

Mr. and Mrs. H. Chiu founded TAN TAN® Restaurant in 1986 as a small family business committed to consistency and quality in their food. They serve everything from in-table hot pot to wonton noodle soup, bo luc lac shaking beef rice plates and the famous banh bot chien fried rice cake with egg. Tan Tan is open seven days a week from 10 a.m. to midnight and serves everything from ritzy, banquet-style multi-course meals with lobster and Peking duck to a quick noodle fix.

Location: 6816 Ranchester Dr Houston TX 77036

Phone: (713)771-1268

6. Cajun Kitchen

best Asian food in Houston -
Image credit: Cajun Kitchen’s

Cajun Kitchen’s KitchenViet-Cajun crawfish has become popular in recent years. They serve a special blend of herbs, spices, and citrus in the boil, makes for a delicious Viet-Cajun crawfish. Chef-owner John Nguyen frequently sources from other regions of the country during the off-season to ensure that his guests always have fresh, not frozen, crawfish. Other seafood on the menu includes king crab, blue crab, jumbo shrimp, and mussels that can be tossed in any of the house sauces.  

Location: 6938 Wilcrest Drive, Suite E, Houston, TX 77072, United States

Phone: +1 281-495-8881

7. Mein Restaurant

Image credit: MEIN’s

MEIN’s food is based on Cantonese cuisine from the historic “Guangdong Province.” The housemade noodles are a highlight of the menu, made from scratch daily and tossed in XO sauce or served with a variety of meats, veggies, garnishes, and broth on the side. Crispy duck leg served with tender pancakes is another excellent option.

MEIN restaurant serves food that reflects the experience of immigrant Cantonese and what the Cantonese consider humble.

Location: 9630 Clarewood Dr Ste A-131, Houston, TX

Phone: (713) 923-7488

8. FuFu Café

best Asian food in Houston -
Image credit: FuFu cafe

FuFu, located in Dun Huang Plaza and sandwiched between two other Chinese restaurants, consistently serves good food that leaves you happy and full. You may have to raise your hand for a refill now and then, but the restaurant is clean, and the pork pan-fried dumplings are delicious. The best way to eat here is family style. Order the Hot Spicy Chicken, which consists of dried chili peppers and fresh jalapenos sautéed with chicken breast, the Salt-Toasted Pork Ribs, which have the perfect balance of salt and spice; and the Sizzling Black Bean with Mixed Seafood, which includes squid, shrimp, fish, and crab meat. There is plenty of parking in the shared lot, and there are many cool dessert and tea shops just a short walk down the street.

Location: 9889 Bellaire Blvd #105 Houston, TX 77036

Phone: (713) 981-8818

9. Samurai Noodle

Image credit: Samurai Noodle

Samurai Noodle, founded in 2006, was inspired by small Ramen shops throughout Japan that focus all of their energy on the rich broth, chewy noodles, and succulent pork that make up the essence of ramen. Owner Thomas Tang is passionate about ramen, and it shows in every bowl he serves.

Noodles are made on-site, and guests at the Heights location can watch the process through a window. Tonkotsu is a rich, deep pork broth served with thin, firm straight noodles topped with scallions and pork belly. Try the Tsukemen for a more adventurous experience, in which ramen noodles are served alongside a bowl of broth, allowing guests to taste each glorious component separately.

Location: 1801 Durham DriveHouston, TX 77007

Phone: (832)-879-2982

10. Tony Thai Restaurant

best Asian food in Houston -
Image credit: Tony Thai Restaurant

Tony Thai Restaurant is a fantastic and one-of-a-kind Thai restaurant. Their menu features a variety of distinct flavors from Thailand’s north to south, as well as from the west to the east. Their main goal is to introduce their customers to the best recipes from every region of Thailand. Additionally, they introduce new foods to the menu every month. Though the pad Thai and pad see ew noodles are always delicious, try the crispy glazed Tony’s wings, the unforgettable Tiger Cry beef, and the whole fried fish with special garlic sauce. The shredded mango salad with crispy fish is also delicious.

Location: 10613 Bellair Blvd. Suite A10, Houston, TX 77072

Phone:  281-495-1711

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