10 Ideal Galveston Movers

Galveston is a coastal resort city on the Gulf Coast of Texas. It was founded in 1838 and currently with a population of 47,743. This beautiful island city is 47 miles away from Houston city. Galveston is a destination full of art, moody gardens, water parks, amusement parks, historic architecture, and kayak launches.

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Apart from its popularity, it is known for having the best movers to help you relocate from house to house within the city. This article has compiled the best movers in Galveston to help you settle in your new home.

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1. Pack Dat Movers

Galveston movers - Pack Dat Movers
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Pack Dat Movers offer moving services within 100 miles of Kingwood, Montgomery, and Tomball. They pack, load, and unload all your items within 2 hours. Pack Dat Movers has a friendly, respectful, and trustworthy crew with great communication skills.

They are highly recommended because of their local, long-distance, and office relocation effectiveness. All your items are placed in storage containers to fit and ensure no damage to your possession. Pack Dat Movers charges $90 per hour for 2 movers, and once you book with them, their arrival time is early.

2. Xtra Affordable Moves

Galveston movers - Xtra Affordable Moves
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Xtra Affordable Moves is a team of professional movers with 5 years of experience. They major in loading and unloading pods, storage, and trucks of any size. You can contact them even after their scheduled working hour, and they will offer services with guaranteed satisfaction.

Xtra Affordable Moves offers its services within 75 miles, including towns like Sugarland, Richmond, and Hockley. The moving fee is $ 90 per hour for 2movers. It is a verified moving business with a kind and organized crew. When packing Xtra, Affordable Moves puts heavy stuff in an organized manner for easy accessibility. The good thing with this mover is that they can stay at least 1 hour of pre-booked time, but they do not refund any unused time.

3. A1 Loyalty Movers

A1 Loyalty Movers
Image Source: a-1professionalmovers.com

With 15 years of experience, A1 Loyalty Movers provide the best customer care. This company is in the business of helping clients transition into their new homes. A1 Loyalty Movers moving services is within 60 miles serving Dayton, Cypress, Clute, Katy, and League City.

Their services include heavy lifting, box packaging, prep furniture, loading, and unloading. After booking with them, they will call you on moving day to confirm your location and invoice. A1 Loyalty Movers have a quick and courteous team that loads and unload your property safely. They are recommendable with charges of $90 per hour with an extra 20% for same-day requests.

4. J.Holland Helpers and Researchers, LLC

Galveston movers - J.Holland Helpers and Researchers, LLC
Image Source: angi.com

This mover company is professional, efficient, and punctual. Holland Helpers and Researchers are knowledgeable on loading the POD effectively. They usually wrap all items, including furniture, and fit them in storage boxes before perfectly loading them.

The move is always completed in the allotted time, charging a fee of $1258 per hour. If you reside in an apartment with two stories or above, they charge an extra fee of $10 per hour. J.Holland Helpers provide their equipment during moving day, so you do not need to stress. This company serves Galveston city and its towns, including Seabrook, Manvel, Kingwood, Splendora, and Spring.

5. Texas Moving Center

Texas Moving Center
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Texas Moving Center is dedicated to providing professional moving labor. Its team comprises efficient, careful, and reliable movers. Communication is the key in the business, and before loading and unloading, they talk to customers about expected time and work procedures. Expect an email or a call after the booking.

Texas Moving Center maintains a positive attitude with clients and is time cautions. Delicate and heavy items are handled carefully and safely. Their service areas are Spring, Friendswood, Katy, Humble, and Pearland. The booking price is $80 per hour for two movers within two hours.

6. Endeavor Moving

Galveston movers - Endeavor Moving
Image Source: thelorry.com

Endeavor Moving is a mover company serving Jersey, Katy, Cypress, Humble, Sugarland, and Pasadena. The company offers furniture dollies upon request with no fee. Endeavor Moving has an efficient, accommodating, and friendly team.

The loading and unloading process is usually fast with caution, and they complete it within two hours. However, if your properties require a hand truck, you will pay extra cash of $30; they only work up to pre-booked time. Endeavor Moving operates within 19 miles of Galveston at a charge rate of $75 per hour.

7. Your Express Movers

Your Express Movers
Image Source: hireahelper.com

Your Express Movers offer labor help for companies, colleges, residential, and offices. They are reliable and efficient, providing pleasant customer service. In addition, Your Express Movers are good listeners and maintain safe work practices.

The company has proper organization and scheduling. After your booking is invoiced, they call after 30 minutes for adequate preparation. They charge $110 per hour but do not accept same-day requests. Your Express Movers service towns are Seabrook, La Marque, Pasadena Friendswood, and Pearland.

8. Stack in the Box Moving and Storage

Galveston movers - Stack in the Box Moving and Storage
Image Source: nextdoor.com

At a fee of $75 per hour with 2 movers for three hours, Stack in the Box Moving packs, loads, and unloads your stuff carefully. Their services include free disassembly and reassembly. With the utmost professionalism, they handle customers well.

Stack in the Box Moving and storage also handles local, in-home, interstate, intrastate, office moves, and senior citizen relocations. Their uniqueness is they accept same-day requests at the normal rates. In addition, the company services 100 miles within towns such as Richmond, Baytown, Coldspring, Conroe, and College Station.

9. A#1 Movers

A#1 Movers
Image Source: anumber1movers.com

A #1 Mover offers moving services for both residential and commercial. They are highly recommended for their services’ professionalism, patience, and diligence. Their team is experienced in loading, unloading, and packing complex households.

#1 Movers are punctual and accept next-day requests at normal rates. They also charge 20% for same-day requests and can stay extra 2 hours of pre-booked time. The company charges a fee is $105 per hour, serving Austin, Waco, Mansfield, Dallas, and Weatherford.

10. Anointed Movers

Galveston movers - Anointed Movers
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Anointed Movers resume prompt response in coordinating moving service. They handle office, local, store, and assisted living moves. The company has qualified movers who interact with you professionally about your belongings and how to handle fragile items.

Anointed Movers’ charges are $102 per hour for assisting relocations around El Campo, Manvel, Katy Seabrook, and Brenham. They have their moving equipment for easy accessibility to save time.


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