10 Best Houston Airport Restaurants

Catching a flight requires preparedness and punctuality. Unfamiliarity with airports or terminals makes it difficult to find a spot to eat. In Houston, local chefs have established restaurants and food trucks around airports for fast food. So whether your flight arrives early or late, you’ll find an elegant spot with delicious food in Houston Airport restaurants.

In this article, we have picked the best restaurants near Houston’s airports for all your last-minute food and dining needs. We have listed these restaurants according to their locations for easier accessibility.

Restaurants Near George Bush Intercontinental Airport, Houston, Tx

1. Hubcap Grill

Hubcap Grill is a perfect airport restaurant serving fast food. This burger joint serves airport clients at near George Bush Airport. Hubcap Grill is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Here, you will enjoy burgers, ribeye steak, egg sandwiches, grilled chicken sandwiches, cheeseburgers, and mac and cheese wedges. In terms of services, options include dining in, and takeaway but no delivery if you want something from this Houston Airport food spot.

Address: 2800 N Terminal Rd, Houston, TX 77032

Hours of Operation: Friday to Wednesday 5 am – 8 pm

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2. Pappandeaux’s Seafood Kitchen

Pappandeaux’s is a famous seafood restaurant at the Bush Houston airport. The food is delicious and served with a salad of onions sans bacon. You can never go wrong with the fried crawfish tails, a creamy mound of crawfish etouffee, and baked crab mac and cheese.

Do not miss the restaurant’s favorite shrimp and crawfish topped with mozzarella cheese, cream sauce, black pepper, and white wine.

Address: 3950 S Terminal Rd #33, Houston, TX 77032

Hours of Operation: Sunday to Saturday 11 am – 7:30 pm

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3. Pink’s Pizza

When a flight is delayed the next thing you want is a place to relax and have refreshments. Pink Pizzas is a mini-local chain serving delicious slices of pizza. The pizzas here are prepared with local ingredients with different flavors.

Other fast foods include lasagna, Canadian bacon, bread stix, pepperoni, Italian sausage, and veggie supremo pizza. In addition, Pink Pizza has a full bar for craft beers, wine, and cocktails.

Address: 3870 N Terminal Rd, Houston, TX 77032,

Hours of Operation: Thursday to Saturday 11 am-11 pm, Sunday to Wednesday 11 am – 10 pm

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4. Gavi

Gavi restaurant is another Houston Airport food spot that features an Italian inspired menu. The chief chef Ryan Pera uses Texas ingredients to prepare local foods. The ambiance of this restaurant is captivating plus quick and efficient customer service.

The food here is affordable and delicious. Order risotto, mussels, pasta, pork chop sautéed with hot vinegar pepper, and sliced potatoes. In addition, there are options for meat, fish dishes, and desserts. The pizza at Gavi is healthy since it’s made using the finest flour.

Address: George Bush Intercontinental Airport, Terminal E, 2800 N Terminal Rd, Houston, TX 77032

Hours of Operation: Thursday to Wednesday 5 am-8 pm

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5. Candillac Mexican Kitchen and Tequila Bar

Cadillac is a famous restaurant serving Mexican cuisine. It is family-friendly with plenty of parking to accommodate airport travelers. Service at this Houston airport restaurant is quick.

Grab your meal while enjoying the scenic view of the Kemah Recreation area. The menu features house-made guacamole, queso blanco, street tacos, fries, and chicken. In addition, wine, cocktails, whiskey, beer, beverages, and coffee are available.

Address: 3950 S Terminal Rd, Houston, TX 77032

Hours of Operation: Friday to Wednesday 7 am – 10 pm

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Restaurants Near Hobby Airport

1. Barry’s Pizza

Barry’s Pizza is a family-friendly eatery offering full Italian Dinners. For over 37 years it’s been serving airport travelers tasty food for affordable prices. The signature menu comprises deep dish pepperoni, sausage pizza, chicken caesar salad, and classic cheese.

So whether you are looking for light meals, breakfast, brunch, or dinner, Barry’s Pizza has everything. Remember to try the topping cheese pizza served with savory cheese.

Address: 7800 Airport Blvd, Houston, TX 77061

Hours of Operation: Friday to Wednesday 5 am- 8 pm

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2. Pappas Burger

Pappa’s Burger is a hamburger restaurant located on Airport Street. The restaurant’s menu comprises hearty burgers, milkshakes, and fries. The burgers are made from scratch using American beef and topped with cheese, veggies, and sauce.

In addition, there are vegetarian options for chicken sandwiches, vegan burgers, and rice burritos salad. It’s more than a burger joint with a full-service sports bar to grab drinks.

Address: 7800 Airport Blvd Space C14, Houston, TX 77061

Hours of Operation: Thursday to Wednesday 6 am -9 pm

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3. Pappasito’s Cantina and Bar

Pappasito’s Cantina is a great place to grab a quick bite in between your flights. This Houston airport restaurant is in the business to serve you delicious tex-mex dishes. This restaurant has various options of fajitas, nachos, and vegetarian choices.

The cost is a bit high but the food is delicious. So, whether it’s a free gluten dish or a quick margarita before a flight, Pappasito’s has got you covered.

Address: 7800 Airport Blvd., Space C6 Hobby Food Court, Houston, TX 77061

Hours of Operation: Monday to Sunday, 6 am – 8:30 pm

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4. Subway Restaurant

Subway is a casual counter-serve restaurant bringing you delicious local foods. This restaurant serves mouthwatering dishes with their popular foot-longs, sandwiches, salads, and wraps. Enjoy eating tuna on a honey oat bun while waiting for your flight.

The restaurant prepares traditional dishes with a unique taste of fresh vegetables and proteins of your choice. Subway Restaurant accepts credit cards, and takeout, dine-in with delivery options. The prices of food and drinks are pocket friendly.

Address: 7800 Airport Blvd Gate D18, Houston, TX 77061

Hours of Operation: Monday to Sunday 6 am – 9:30 pm

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5. Cockpit Bar and Grill

Cockpit Bar and Grill is rated as the best Houston Airport Restaurant. This grill is known for its extensive list of beers, cocktails, and wine. While waiting for your flight, order the frozen pizza combined with a glass of wine.

The diner options comprise Italian, Mexican, and Asian cuisines. Enjoy dishes of Italian sausages topped with pepperoni and green peppers. Cockpit Bar and Grill service options include takeaway, dining in, and no delivery.

Address: 8101 Airport Blvd STE 11, Houston, TX 77061

Hours of Operation: Thursday to Wednesday 4 pm – 2 am

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