10 Best Places For Scuba Diving in Houston

Diving in deep waters is something that people remember for the rest of their lives. While diving, you can see a magnificent treasure hidden beneath the clear, turquoise water. Texas has a wide range of diving opportunities, from lakes to rivers to freshwater oil silos!

From newbies to pro-level divers, there is something for everyone. Therefore we’ve compiled a list of the best places for scuba diving in Houston, Texas, that are worth exploring!

1. Blue Lagoon

Scuba Diving in Houston - Blue Lagoon
Image Source: KHOU

The location is a former limestone quarry that has been flooded to create a beautiful dive site. The site is a fantastic experience above and below the water. A dive or two and some barbecue are one of the most enjoyable Texas scuba diving days you can have. The dive site is very shallow, with a maximum depth of around 30ft/9m, making it ideal for beginners, experienced divers who haven’t dived in a while, and scuba divers who want to try something new.

Location: 649 Pinedale Road, Huntsville TX

2. Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary

Scuba Diving in Houston - Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary
Image Source: CT Insider

The Flower Garden Banks is a natural reef located about 80-125 miles offshore in the Gulf of Mexico, necessitating a charter service even to reach the dive site!

The reefs are divided into three major groups, each of which is teeming with aquatic life. A wide variety of fish, corals, sponges, and plants are common, as are a few endangered aquatic species not found elsewhere.

Because this dive site is so far offshore, only intermediate or advanced divers are advised to visit. Beginners are welcome to try it out, but harsher weather and adverse conditions remain possible.

Location: 4700 Avenue U Ste 216 Galveston, TX 77551

3. Sugar Land

Scuba Diving in Houston - Sugar Land
Image Source: goprohouston.com

Sugar Land is one of Houston’s largest scuba diving destinations, surrounded by large pelagic sea life, playful dolphins, touchable stingrays, starfish, crabs, and much more. Their massive lake’s crystal clear waters provide an exciting backdrop for interactions with aquatic life. A PADI-certified professional will accompany you to Sugar Land. Even if you’re not into scuba diving, Sugar Land is great for day trips, picnics, and hikes. It has a 12-meter depth and is suitable for newbies and professionals.

Location:  3362 Hwy 6, Sugar Land, TX 77478, United States

4. Spring Lake

Scuba Diving in Houston - Spring Lake
Image Source: Divers Alert Network

Spring Lake, formed by the fusion of over 200 artesian springs, is one of Houston’s clearest scuba diving spots. Spring Lake is ideal for new divers to explore endangered marine life and coral reefs due to well-regulated water pressure and comfortable year-round temperatures of 72 degrees. It also has the densest population of sea turtles in the United States. It is 9 meters deep.

5. 288 Lake

Scuba Diving in Houston - 288 Lake
Image Source: ScubaBoard

With an area of 20 acres, 288 Lake is Houston’s largest shore-accessible inland diving site. With an average year-round temperature of 66-70 degrees, this crystal clear, spring-fed lake is an oasis in downtown Houston. This outstanding scuba diving and triathlon training facility is teeming with endangered aquatic species and offers breathtaking views of underwater school buses, cars, and planes. Another feature distinguishing 288 Lake as one of the best in Houston is its clear visibility of up to 12 meters underwater.

Location: 4900 Schurmier, Houston, TX 77048.

6. Valhalla Missile Silo

Valhalla Missile Silo
Image Source: Maduro Dive

Valhalla Missile Silo has been around since the 1960s and is known as one of the most unique places to scuba dive in Houston. Today, the concrete walls of the silo contain groundwater ready for exploration. Even though the site is mostly dark and gets chilly, with average temperatures of 58 degrees, it is a favorite among divers looking to delve deeper into Texan history. It is 40 meters in depth and suitable for beginners and professionals.

Location: 3206 Mercer st, Houston, TX 77027.

7. Lake Travis

Lake Travis
Image Source: Lake Travis

Lake Travis is a reservoir with unrivaled visibility of 30 feet underwater on a sunny day, making it popular due to its easily accessible central location. Aside from thriving species of beautiful freshwater creatures, you can find dam construction materials and the vast Wreck Alley, which features a permanent linear course of centuries-old shipwrecks and abandoned sailboats. After your scuba session, end on a high note with alfresco dining at posh lakeside restaurants.

It is 64 meters in depth with fresh water. Suitable for newbies and professionals

Location: 4370 Mansfield Dam Park Rd. Austin, TX 78732.

8. Athens Scuba Park

Athens Scuba Park
Image Source: Scuba

Local Houstonians transformed a clay quarry into Athens Scuba Park in 1980, which now attracts divers worldwide. Explore the untouched beauty of 35 shipwrecks, sunken planes, boats, and obstacles that have withstood the test of time at the lakes. This world of antique ruins beneath Athens’ 7-acre lake is famous in Houston for night diving and scuba diving training. Swim past magical marine life with underwater spotlights to help you in the dark.

It is 6-11 meters in depth with fresh water.

Location: 500 N Murchison St., Athens, TX 75751.

9. Clear Springs Scuba Park

Clear Springs Scuba Park
Image Source: Scuba

Clear Springs Scuba Park, also known as The Scuba Ranch, is home to a sparkling lake that spans 22 acres and is teeming with breathtaking underwater life. Clear Springs has a professional instruction center with training facilities, 6 underwater dive platforms, and entry docks. This beachfront location is also ideal for swimming, kayaking, snorkeling, and camping.

Location: 8131 County Road 346, Terrell, Texas 75161

10. Reveille Peak Ranch

Reveille Peak Ranch
Image Source: Resorts and Lodges

Reveille Peak Ranch is the epitome of the picturesque Texan countryside, boasting a beautifully maintained ranch, a 1,300-acre outdoor event space, and two of Texas’ clearest lakes. Houston scuba divers can reach incredible depths of 100 feet with consistently clear visibility, even at 30 feet in the quarry. Other water sports are also popular here.

Location: 105 Co Rd 114, Burnet, TX 78611, USA

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