10 Best Skydiving Location Near Houston, Tx

Skydiving is one of the most thrilling activities to enjoy. It offers unique and memorable experiences you could ever have. Houston has various outdoor activities which are fun and can leave you undecided. If you are an adrenaline junkie, and daring, consider adding skydiving to your list. This activity is more than jumping out of a plane and involves many disciplines making it a diverse sport. This sport is perfect for people who love something thrilling, fulfilling, and extraordinary. Although they are few destinations for skydiving, this article highlights the best skydiving locations near Houston.

1. Skydive Houston

Best Skydiving Location Near Houston
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If you love the thrill of trying something new, skydiving is the best sport for you. Skydive Houston is a popular skydiving center that offers various services. It is the closest drop-off zone to the city, making it a great destination for adrenaline junkies.

The staff at Skydive Houston are professionally trained and offer safety throughout your experience. These well-trained skydivers guide you on the equipment, jump, and watch other skydivers land. It costs $189 per person with initial training, equipment, plane incline, free fall, parachute ride, and a certificate. If you want to experience skydiving as a couple or a group admission fee is $638 with two videos and a photo package.

Address: 15599 Plain View Drive, Waller, TX 77484

2. IFly Houston Memorial

Best Skydiving Location Near Houston
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Have you ever experienced indoor skydiving? IFly Houston is an indoor skydiving center that prepares skydives to experience the outside world. The center offers quality training for skydives unsure if they can dive in a real airplane. IFly Houston creates an incredible experience of skydiving with no weight or ability restriction.

They offer a reasonable price of $69 per person which includes training, certificate, and gear rental experience. You can also practice skydiving with your group of five people. The charges are $389 with equipment, two flights, and a video recording.

Address: 9540 Katy Freeway, Houston, TX 77005

3. Skydive Freedom

Best Skydiving Location Near Houston
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Another popular skydiving location near Houston is Skydive Freedom. It is an excellent place for first-timers or established skydivers. Located a few miles from Houston, this center provides exceptional skydiving experience to families and individuals. The height of planes here reaches 10,500 a favorable range for skydivers.

Your flight takes about twenty minutes with an instructor to guide, take reins, incline, and bring you to a safe smooth landing. Tandem skydiving starts from $199 with an optional video package that costs $99

Address: 4249 Windstock Lane, Brookshire, TX 77423

4. The Skydiving Company

The Skydiving Company
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Whether you are skydiving for the first time or a pro, it is a pleasurable experience you will not forget. The rush of skydiving is thrilling and leaves you wanting to try again. The Skydiving Company has over sixty years of experience in this unique sport.

Located between Dallas and Houston, Skydiving Company ensures an amazing time for everyone. Every skydiver is well-trained and offered customized equipment for safety. The experience trainers at this company will help you gear up and take you up in an airplane as you prepare to jump.

Address: 2207 Airport Lane, Madisonville, TX 77864

5. Skydive Spaceland Houston

 Skydive Spaceland Houston
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Are you looking for a perfect skydiving location near Houston? Skydive Spaceland is half hour’s drive from Houston. Established in 2000, this skydiving spot offers educative and innovative skydiving experiences. Skydive Spaceland Houston occupies 130 acres of private airfields and accommodates over 100,000 skydivers annually.

They offer outstanding skydiving choices for newbies and skydiving enthusiasts. Their prices are pocket friendly according to the package you choose. Standard skydive is $249 on weekdays and $279 on weekends. For solo skydives with a license discounts are offered. An advantage of skydiving here is they have a café for burgers, tacos, and beverages to regain your energy.

Address: 16111 FM 521, Rosharon, TX 77583

6. Texas Skydiving

Best Skydiving Location Near Houston
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The thrill of jumping from an airplane to thousands of kilometers feels euphoric. Texas Skydiving is a unique drop zone located in the countryside. It is the best skydiving location near Houston since it’s small and offers incredible green views as you land.

If you are afraid of heights, the certified instructors ensure safety and adequate training for everyone. In addition, Texas Skydiving offers modern skydiving equipment at an affordable fee.

Address: 1055 Pvt Rd 7022 Lexington, TX 78947

7. Skydive Galveston

Skydive Galveston
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Get a little exposure and experience skydiving along beaches. Skydive Houston is a popular skydiving location in Houston. Known as a tandem skydive specialist, this skydiving center allows skydivers to land on a beach.

Skydive Galveston ensures your experience is amazing with a smooth jump while enjoying the magical ocean and beach views.

Address: 9020 Stewart Rd, Galveston, TX 77554

8. Blue Skies Skydiving Center

Blue Skies Skydiving Center
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Nothing beats skydiving while admiring the wonderful nature. Blue Skies is an incredible skydiving location in Houston that makes this sport more magical. This center has trained professionals and pilots who provide you with the thrill of a lifetime. Blue Skies provides a memorable experience with its flights all over Texas.

The flight takes over the ocean with views of Houston as you take your descent. The instructors accompany you to make you feel safe and relaxed. Their pricing is fair with tandem jumps of $220 with a video. In addition Blue Skies Skydiving Center has small planes hence flights are done in pairs.

Address: 2211 TX-87, Port Bolivar, TX 77650

9. Skydive Temple

Best Skydiving Location Near Houston
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Skydive Temple has been in the skydiving business for the last 40 years. Located in Austin, this skydiving center is dedicated to creating memories for everyone. Skydive Temple has instructors from the United States Parachute Association who are helpful and well-trained.

It is the easiest drop zone in Texas. Annually the company registers over 10,000 skydives who are trained and have a certificate.

Address: 1517 Stonetree Dr Killeen, TX 76543

10. The Skypos

Best Skydiving Location Near Houston
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Last on our list of best skydiving locations in Houston is Skypos. Experience the thrill of free-fall at this famous skydiving center. The Skypos takes skydiving seriously with rated instructors who have experience in skydiving. Book your slot and enjoy world-class skydiving just a few miles away from Houston.

Address: 11602 Bellaire Blvd, Houston, TX 77072

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