10 Sushi Buffet Restaurants In Houston, Tx

Houston is a popular city when it comes to food, buffets, and different cuisines. Buffets have always been a crowd favorite that maintains its integrity globally. Sushi Buffets are a popular form of cuisine with thriving forms of dinner services. Nothing beats good food quantity that satisfies your cravings. Sushi Buffet Restaurants in Houston offers handful options of for sushi to keep customers satisfied. We have compiled a list of the best restaurants to end your search.

1. Kura Revolving Sushi Bar

Sushi Buffet Restaurants In Houston
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Kura Revolving Sushi Bar offers a dining experience you do not want to miss. The restaurant has an innovative all-you-can-eat sushi buffet fulfilling your dining needs. The menu is extensive with several options of sushi dishes.

Enjoy the thriving sushi such as maki, nigiri, sashimi, fish, beef and sushi rolls. In addition there are vegan options for customers who don’t enjoy beef and fish. Treat yourself to great sushi menu under this fun and fantastic restaurant.

Location:  3510 Main St Suite A, Houston, TX 77002

Phone:  713-636-2696

2. True Sushi

Sushi Buffet Restaurants In Houston
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True Sushi is a classy upscale restaurant specializing in all sushi varieties. This restaurant is in the business to offer delicious sushi buffets delivered in the right quality and quantity. The menu is extensive with sushi options you love maintaining a sense of class and deliciousness.

True Sushi’s signature menu comprises red dragon roll, shrimp lover roll, veggie tempura, salmon skin salad, and nigiri sushi combo. In addition, True Sushi has an online platform where you can order delectable sushi dishes.

Location: 11660 Westheimer Rd Suite 129, Houston, TX 77077

Phone: 346-40902801

3. Fukuoka Sushi Bar and Grill

Sushi Buffet Restaurants In Houston
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Fukuoka Sushi has something for everyone offering excellent dining options. They offer the best sushi buffet in Houston at affordable prices. Fukuoka’s menu consists specialty of sushi rolls and sushi combo.

Like other restaurants, they provide the best of basics and a wide range of options for all kinds of sushi eaters. Immerse yourself in sushi favorites of sashimi, nigiri, and delicious sushi cuisines.

Location: 2808 Milam St, Houston, TX 77006

Phone: 346-406-4832

4. Hikari Sushi Izakaya

Sushi Buffet Restaurants In Houston
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Hikari is an elegant sushi restaurant with beautiful décor. At the center of the restaurant is an ornamental tree light fixture creating a pleasant dining atmosphere. This transports you to an amazing dining experience with affordable quality sushi.

Hikari Sushi serves tasty sushi fused with other cuisines. It is the best sushi restaurant when it comes to family time and feasting. The restaurant opens every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 12 am to 9 pm. Bring your family and friends and enjoy the most delicious sushi in Houston.

Location: 6860 Hwy 6 N Suite H, Houston, TX 77084

Phone: 281-856-7808

5. Sushi 9

Sushi 9
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When it comes to dining, you would love an ideal place. Sushi 9 is an excellent sushi venue with an extensive menu covering foodies you would die for. This restaurant covers excellent sushi with a fusion of Japanese cuisine.

Using plant-based and meat ingredients, Sushi 9 serves delicious alternatives of sushi signature rolls and kampachi ceviche. You can also try spicy tuna, fresh-cut sashimi fused with their extensive signature cocktails.

Location: 1830 S Mason Rd, Katy, TX 77450

Phone: 281-391-8898

6. MF Sushi Museum District

Sushi Buffet Restaurants In Houston
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MF restaurant is a lavish sushi restaurant. Chef Chris Kinjo is dedicated to serving delicious sushi to locals. Indulge yourself in Hokkaido scallops, grilled eel, and sushi rolls. In addition, this restaurant prepares its sushi with pure traditional ingredients. There is also a bounty of fresh seafood resulting in a quality sushi dining experience.

Location: 1401 Binz St #100, Houston, TX 77004

Phone: 713-637-4587

7. Taizzi Sushi

Taizzi Sushi
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Taizzi Sushi offers high-quality sushi prepared with the finest ingredients. If you are on a budget visit this spot since sushi is served at affordable prices. This restaurant offers a wide range of sushi options that suit dinner desires.

The menu is designed to satisfy every client inclusive of appetizers. Treat yourself to sushi rolls, Evan rolls, traditional sushi, salmon sashimi, and lava cake. In addition, you can order a combo of sushi with miso soup, seaweed salad, cherry blossom Rolls, and Korean barbeque rolls.

Location: 14092 Memorial Dr, Houston, TX 770079

Phone: 832-288-6821

8. Kirin II Seafood and Sushi Buffet

Kirin II Seafood and Sushi Buffet
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Kirin II Seafood is an older-style restaurant with Japanese décor offering a wide range of sushi dishes. It has a vibrant atmosphere attracting hungry diners daily. Kirin thrives on an open buffet to choose from including modern and traditional sushi dishes.

Kirin II offers excellent sushi and above average hot and cold buffet. Their menu comprises a sushi combo, red snapper sashimi dinner, sushi rolls, and California sushi rolls. In addition, you can accompany your sushi food with seafood dishes of oysters, salmon, snow crab seaweed salad.

Address: 7615 Cypress Creek Pkwy, Houston, TX 77070

Phone: 281-807-3388

9. Mikoto Ramen and Sushi Bar

Mikoto Ramen and Sushi Bar
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When you think of Mikoto, ramen comes to your mind. Well, don’t let the name fool you. Mikoto Ramen and Sushi Bar offer plenty of sushi options to satisfy your cravings. The restaurant has a lengthy list of sushi options created with finesse.

Over the years Mikoto Ramen and Sushi Bar have maintained simple traditional sushi options that have been locals favorite. These include mind-blowing sushi rolls fused with American ingredients such as cream, steak, and cheese. You can also try char siu pork bun, shrimp tempura, chicken karaage, and chicken yakitori

Location: 12155 Katy Fwy, Houston, TX 77079

Phone: 281-741-4695

10. Miyazaki

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Miyazaki is the best sushi buffet restaurant in Houston. It is a casual restaurant with a lively ambiance making the dining experience awesome for families. Miyazaki offers a fusion of sushi with Japanese and Mexican cuisines.

With sushi at the forefront of their menu, there are abundant options for your taste and preference. The sushi is made from local ingredients combined with jalapenos and seafood ingredients. You can also try the traditional sushi served while hot to satisfy your hunger.

Location: 9527 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77063

Phone: 713-785-1130

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