10 Reasons You Should Visit Houston Audubon

In Houston, there are plenty of things to enjoy including parks and museums. If you are a lover of nature and wildlife, add Houston Audubon to your bucket list. Houston Audubon is a conservation and educational center that focuses on protecting the natural environment and birds. It was established on September 24 1969 by a dedicated group of eighteen people who served under the National Audubon Society. The founders advocated for wildlife conservancy and aimed at providing a natural habitat for them. Today Houston Audubon is a great place to visit thanks to its nature walk with small lakes, rivers, and different birds. It manages 17 sanctuaries encompassing 4,121 acres across Galveston and Greater Houston. In addition, counties such as Washington, Montgomery, Galveston, Ft Bend, Brazoria, Wharton, Waller, Harris, Matagorda, Chambers, and Liberty are assigned to Houston Audubon.

Address: 440 Wilchester Blvd, Houston, TX 77079

Phone: (713) 932-1639

Opening Hours: Sunday to Saturday 7 am to 9 pm

Website: https://houstonaudubon.org/

1. Experience the amazing wildlife

Houston Audubon is one of the unique places in Texas where you will experience amazing wildlife. As a home to different species, this center provides a natural habitat to birds, aquatic ecosystems, squirrels, and rabbits.

During spring, you will experience the incredible views of migratory birds such as snowy egrets and roseate spoonbills. The park has a conserved nesting spot for the birds. In addition, there is a 20-acre pond around the area with few shallows. It is a home to frogs, fishes, insects, turtles, and various turtles.

Reasons You Should Visit Houston Audubon
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2. Visit the popular Smith Oaks Rookery

Houston Audubon aspires to create a culture of conserving nature by creating a community that supports birds. With over 17 sanctuaries, Smith Oaks Rookery is an ideal place to spend your afternoons. It is a vibrant sanctuary hosting various bird species from different countries.

Spend your time here exploring and listening to the chirping sound of the birds. Smith Oaks Rookery has the best birding spots along the Grackle Pond loop. Some of the bird species you’ll encounter include hooded warblers, black-bellied whistling ducks, rose-breasted grosbeak, common gallinule, and blue grosbeak.

Reasons You Should Visit Houston Audubon
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3. Photography

While exploring the beautiful Houston Audubon Park, take photos to create unforgettable memories. The landscape is green with incredible spots for family pictures and photo shoots. You will get an opportunity to save nature photographs from this place. You can choose to come with your camera or rent one.

Also, the park has an informal photo club for Houston Audubon Members. The Houston Audubon Nature Photography Association is a program for wildlife and bird enthusiasts. If you need individualized or family photos, you can book them and set a date.

4. Walking and Hiking

There is no fun of visiting Houston Audubon if hiking is not on your list. This place has plenty of hiking spots including trails, ponds, rivers, and a forest. Hiking and walking are fun and exciting since you will encounter different animals on your way. In addition, the atmosphere is conducive with plenty of trees and rivers for shade and water.

Hike through the 4miles trail that is easy with no elevation gain anywhere. The trails around all the sanctuaries have well-maintained boardwalks with nicely groomed dirt trails, swamps, and fascinating viewpoints.

Reasons You Should Visit Houston Audubon
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5. Engage in family-friendly activities

Are you planning for a family gateway? Houston Audubon is a perfect family destination park with a lot of activities to enjoy. You can choose to spend time admiring beautiful nature, watching migratory birds, picnics, hiking, biking, or nature walks.

Whatever activities you love, the park has it all. Houston Audubon has family-friendly activities for all ages made to interact and inspire. Engage in activities such as Behind the Scene Tours, Cabin Coffee Conversations, and Night Hikes. Additionally, they have an Art with Raptors workshop where you spend 2hours as a family learning about art, birds, and science.

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6. Audubon Raptor and Education Center

Interested in learning about birds? Houston Audubon Raptor and Education Center is a place that offers lessons on birds. It is a venue fond of birds and offers fun-filled activities for learners. You will discover different birds, their adaptation how they survive. Additionally, the program offers scenic seasonal trails to explore the outdoors of the park.

Reasons You Should Visit Houston Audubon
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7. Discover the spectacular birding location

Well if you are a bird enthusiast, High Island should be your next spot. High Island is an incredible birding spot in Houston Audubon featuring various ponds, plants, and animal habitats. The island consists of four to five different sanctuaries with tons of bird species.

Birds from the Gulf of Mexico migrate to this place during spring. In addition, High Island has a unique habitat that rises 32 feet above the surrounding marshes providing favorable conditions to trees and shrubs. Some of the birds you will watch include pink roseate spoonbills, snowy egrets, crisp white great egrets, and owls. For easy accessibility, you can walk or drive through the paths.

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8. Field Trips and Nature Walks

Are you looking for a way to escape the hectic city life? Houston Audubon is a nice retreat from the city. It is home to different bird animals such as armadillos, squirrels, land snakes, water turtles, and rabbits. Plan for exciting field trips or nature walks alone or sign up for the walks with groups.

Houston Audubon is a great sanctuary away from the busy city life. There are a lot of planned walk routes with great birding spots and places to watch wildlife. Also, the place has car parking spots that are free.

9. Participate in Bird Surveys

Houston Audubon hosts monthly urban bird surveys hosted by popular bird enthusiasts. If you are new to bird watching, it is an excellent way to start. The bird surveys are conducted in different locations around the park. In addition, new members are welcome and can register as a group or individuals.

Reasons You Should Visit Houston Audubon
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10. Dining and Accommodations

Houston Audubon has classic restaurants and hotels for exquisite dining and accommodations. They are affordable and family-friendly. The hotels around the park include Hyatt Regency, The Moran City Center, the Westin Oaks Houston, and Hotel ZaZa.

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