10 Reasons You Should Visit Caldwell Zoo In Tyler, Tx

Caldwell Zoo is an 85 acres zoo located in Tyler, Texas. This zoo was founded by DK Caldwell in 1953. He was a visionary who loved children and admired nature hence instituted learning through fun. Dk was a civil engineer who spent most of his adult life in Alabama, East Texas, and Louisiana. After his retirement, he settled in Tyler, Texas where his philanthropic endeavors flourished.

Together with his wife, DK Caldwell opened a children’s zoo and play school as a way to give back to the community. He observed children’s fascination with animals which motivated him.

Today Caldwell Zoo connects people with the wonders of wildlife. There are more than 3,000 animals from over 200 species that live in the zoo. The animal habitats are arranged according to geographical region including Africa. Caldwell Zoo’s mission is to connect people with wildlife through naturalistic exhibits that enrich the community and provide educational and fun experiences.

Address: 2203 W Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Tyler, TX 75702

Phone: +1 903-593-0121

Hours of Operation: Monday to Sunday 9 am to 3:30 pm

Admission Fee: Children 3-12 years $12.50, Adults $14.50

Number of animals: 3,400

Website: https://caldwellzoo.org/

Below are reasons you should visit Caldwell Zoo in Tyler. The zoo is family-friendly and offers educative programs regardless of age group.

1. Beautiful Landscaping

Reasons You Should Visit Caldwell Zoo In Tyler
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Caldwell Zoo is one of the most gorgeous places you will experience while visiting Tyler. The zoo offers beautiful landscaping of a wall stench radiating from the flamingo island and an aquarium filled with brightly colored fish.

The nature around Caldwell Zoo is breathtaking. There are beautiful giant thatched grass umbrellas providing shade to animals. The exhibits evoke a wilderness atmosphere with waterfalls and running streams. Additionally, the zoo is uncrowded to create a view for your favorite animals. You will enjoy the lush greenery, bamboo flowers, and gazebos along the paths.

2. Incredible Animal Variety

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For over seven decades, Caldwell Zoo has celebrated spectacular diversity in animals. It is home to over 3,400 animals from different species across the continent. It is the only zoo in Tyler where you will especially appreciate wildlife.

Some animals you will encounter include elephants, capuchin monkeys, giraffes, lions, and penguins. Other notable kinds are meadows, rolinda, rhinos, zebras, and alligators.

3. Nature-based Educational programs for Kids

Reasons You Should Visit Caldwell Zoo In Tyler
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Visiting Caldwell Zoo is more than one time trip. This place gives kids a better chance to learn and experience the endless wonders of the natural world. Caldwell Zoo provides kids with educational programs to discover their gift of exploration.

These nature-based educational programs help kids to enrich their connection and appreciation for wildlife. In addition, your child gets a chance to join ZooCrew and share their love of wildlife with the community.

4. Summer Camps

Reasons You Should Visit Caldwell Zoo In Tyler
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Camps are a way to connect and have leisure. Caldwell Zoo offers summer camps to help individuals engage in wildlife conservation measures. The summer camps have fun-filled activities to unwind.

You and your family will engage in inspiring presentations. The experience in these custom-built camps is fulfilling. Activities at summer camps include art, close encounters with animals, stories, songs, time on zoo grounds, and games.

5. Discover the African Savanna

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If you are eager about culture and animals, visit the African Savanna. This is one of the most exciting places to be in Caldwell Zoo. African Savanna is home to various animals including 250 species from East Africa.

African Savanna is natural and incredible with major attractions like the zoo’s crown jewel. In this three-acre habitat, you will discover different animals such as lions, cheetahs, warthogs, kudu, ostrich, giraffes, and birds.

6. Discover animal habitats and exhibits

Reasons You Should Visit Caldwell Zoo In Tyler
Image Source: caldwellzoo.org

Caldwell Zoo caters for endangered animals all over the world. These animals are provided with a safe and comfortable environment to maintain their genetic diversity. In order to attain this, the zoo has constructed unique habitats where the animals live.

The habitats and exhibits include; African Aquarium, Wild Bird Walkabout, North America, North American Herpetarium, South America, and the African Savanna.

7. Participate in special animal programs

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Over the years, Caldwell Zoo provides opportunities to different communities to witness the diversity of animals worldwide. As a member of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA), Caldwell Zoo has established unique animal programs.

These programs help individuals and the Tyler community to understand animal welfare and conservation measures. The programs happen throughout the year and are held in the zoo. These include Boo at the Zoo, Endangered Species Day, Don’t Step on a Bee Day, and Elephant Appreciation Day.

8. Enjoy Giraffe Feeding

Reasons You Should Visit Caldwell Zoo In Tyler
Image Source: caldwellzoo.org

Caldwell Zoo is a perfect family destination. It has various activities that bring families together to bond through seasonal presentations. These include elephant demonstrations, alligator feeding, and the famous giraffe feeding.

Giraffe feeding is the most common activity that takes place all through. Unlike other zoos, Caldwell Zoo has a specific time for giraffe feeding. Feeding a giraffe three pieces of lettuce is $5 per person.

9. Bring your Kid to Zoo School

Caldwell Zoo is the best platform for kids to engage with the outside world. It offers various educational opportunities including the Zoo School. Classes are well-designed to include age-appropriate information.

If your kid loves sciences, they have an excellent opportunity here. Caldwell Zoo has specific programs for homeschoolers. Lessons are practical with games, experiments, and crafts. Homeschool classes happen around the zoo in the African Huts across from Rhino House.

10. Accommodation

There are nearby restaurants and hotels around the zoo where you can have breakfast or dinner. These hotels have modern rooms with 24-hour room service. They include Oyo Hotel, La Quinta Inn and Suites by Wyndham, and Executive Inn and Suites.


Caldwell Zoo is a unique place to visit. There are various educational activities to enjoy with your family. The different species of animals create a natural habitat that keeps attracting locals and visitors. Discover unique exotic animals sourced from each continent around the world for a fulfilling wildlife experience.

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