10 Reasons You Should Visit Art Car Museum in Houston, Tx

Everybody has ever desired a car or learned more about cars. Art Car Museum in Houston is a venue that showcases car culture and art cars. It was established in February 1998 by Ann Harithas a longtime supporter of the Art Car movement. In collaboration with another car artist, Ann created the Art Car Museums mission to elevate awareness of political, economic, and personal dimensions of art.

Nicknamed “Garage Mahal,” the Art Car Museum is privately owned and features elaborate art cars, mobile contraptions, low-riders, and local exhibitions. The museum showrooms celebrate the spirit of postmodern car culture modified to unique masterpieces.

There is no revered art car diversity than here. In addition, the museum hosts national and international artists some accompanied by catalogs and their art paintings. Visit the museum today and explore cars, car exhibitions, and other family-friendly activities.

Address: 140 Heights Blvd, Houston, TX 77007

Phone: 713-861-5526

Website: https://www.artcarmuseum.com/

Collection size: Automobiles

Hours of Operation: Wednesday to Sunday 11 am to 5 pm

Admission Fees: Entry is free

1. Enjoy the Breathtaking Display of Cars

Art Car Museum in Houston has incredible art cars and motor vehicles that have been modified to give an artistic impression. They have added sculptural elements that make the cars attractive. This museum is a rare gem and you will find cool cars with an incredible display of 3-D art.

In addition, the cars are paired with a theme exhibit such as animals allowing everyone kids to enjoy the display. Also, you can take photos of artistic cars while enjoying the display.

Reasons You Should Visit Art Car Museum in Houston
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2. Celebrate the Annual Houston Art Car Parade

The Art Car Museum in Houston has various car movements created by the museum’s founders. In 1984 Jackie Harries founded “Fruitmobile” which started as a local art car movement. The same year Ann Harithas created the Lawndale Art Center that featured two cars.

Over the years this car movement has developed attracting a lot of artists and locals. Don’t miss this fun annual car show parade which displays funky modified cars. They are displayed at various venues in the museum accommodating 250,000 people. The vehicles range from lawnmowers and go-carts from different states.

Reasons You Should Visit Art Car Museum in Houston
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3. Learn the History of the Art Car Museum

The history of the art car museum is so fascinating. While visiting the museum, visitors have an opportunity to explore. The Art Car Museum is a great spot to learn about art cars and the purpose of their foundation. Even though the museum lacks guided tours, the staff will gladly explain about the museum and the exhibits.

4. Explore the exhibits at the museum

The Art Car Museum boasts several exhibitions which display a specific theme. The exhibitions were purposefully formed to combine painting, sculpture, photography, and art cars. Some of the exhibits open annually and feature the work of numerous artists.

Some popular exhibits you will enjoy include the Open Call Show, In Loving Memory, The Works of Brian Zievert and Danilo Stampalija, and the Car Show. All these exhibitions feature works of different people and various art cars.

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5. Take part in Appreciating Art Cars

The fun thing about visiting the Art Car Museum in Houston is you will explore and learn more about cars. There are creatively reinterpreted vehicles with a sense of culture and diversity. During the 1990’s, Houstonians honored creatively modified cars, and the culture remains.

Over fifty years, this museum has had the most influential art scene. The museum is spacious for showcasing different cars that combines visual art and art cars. The artists here combine beautiful art cars to create incredible exhibitions.

Reasons You Should Visit Art Car Museum in Houston
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6. Study about Art Car Manifesto

The main mission of the art car museum is to create cars that express political, personal, social, economic, or purely decorative objectives. The co-founder James Harithas came up with a unique manifesto to shed deeper meaning of art cars.

This Art Car manifesto has a revolutionary sense that makes you reclaim your car. There is diversity that is in sharp contrast to the number of automobiles and trucks which are privately owned. In addition, the artistry work is an expression of freedom to art lovers.

Reasons You Should Visit Art Car Museum in Houston
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7. The Car Show Exhibit

The Car Show is one of the popular exhibits in the museum. This show displays the American ideals of mobility and individuality. It focuses on cars from different states introduced by popular artists.

The type of cars you will encounter in this show is the 1965 Le Mans, Daytonas Hot Rods, and cars from Cuba. The Cuban cars reflect the post-war American auto design. In addition, the show features videos and photographs from the Indy 500, Le Mans, Texas Mile, France, and Dragsters.

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8. Family-Friendly Activities

If you are searching for a unique way to spend time, head to the Art Car Museum in Houston. Apart from hosting popular shows and exhibitions, this spot is perfect for families. Families will spend quality time admiring the fantastic art cars or art car parades.

Also, photography is allowed which allows families to bond. While visiting with your family, it’s important to know the museum allows appointments only. Arrive early since the parking is limited and 30 visitors are allowed at a time.

9. Photography

Photography is a fun activity you will enjoy while visiting the museum. This museum has a festival known as Glimpse of the Past. It is a fun fest that involves commemorating the photography of legends such as Bessie Dean Parrs. In addition, you are allowed to take personalized photos for memories. So take advantage of the magical art car display and create the best portfolio.

Reasons You Should Visit Art Car Museum in Houston
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10. Accommodations

After a long day exploring the beautiful museum, you will need a place to dine and relax. The Art Car Museum has nearby accommodations including restaurants and hotels. They are family friendly with modern facilities and delicious cuisines. Whatever your choice is, the hotels are affordable. They include Hotel Icon, Cambria, Magnolia, and the Whitehall Houston.

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