10 Reasons You Should Visit Graffiti Park In Downtown Houston

Houston City is home to plenty of murals, artwork, and museums. There are various places in the city to appreciate the work of different artists worldwide. Graffiti is a famous park in Downtown Houston established in the late 1990s by several artists. This park is a hidden gem displaying street artwork of over 300 artists both locally and internationally. So when did graffiti first start? The history of graffiti goes way back to late 1960, when the first drawings were made by ancient Romans and Greeks.

In 1985, Houston adopted this culture of street art, featuring popular artists such as Anat Ronen, Taft McWhorter, Cheryl Tamborello, and many others. Today, Graffiti Park is a home to major arts where you can spend your whole day exploring and it sits on the corner of Leeland and Emanuel. Check out these popular spots you will discover in the park.

Address: 1503 Chartres St, Houston, TX 77003

Opening Hours: Open 24 hours daily

Website: https://m.facebook.com/

1. Appreciate the art of Anat Ronen

Some of the exceptional arts in Graffiti Park are from prominent artists one of them being Anat Ronen. She created incredible art walls that resonate with a familiar feeling of community and inclusion.

Anat Ronen embraced the artistry by creating funky and fresh wild-style graffiti and fine murals. Once you visit the park, make sure to observe the art of Anat Ronen that is popular in Downtown Houston.

Reasons You Should Visit Graffiti Park
Image Source: anatronen.com

2. Discover the beautiful art scene

Graffiti Park features a collective of street arts where you can spend your afternoons learning about art. Various parts of the park have been published in websites and magazines. One of them is the Houston is Inspired mural, which is the most popular spot.

Another graffiti created by Daniel Anguilu is the Greetings from Houston mural. It is a perfect mural with 1970s-style postcards with bright colors of iconic Texas images. The images resemble anything including cactus, animals, and oil rigs. Additionally, these famous murals are the most Instagrammed places in the park featuring various celebrities.

Reasons You Should Visit Graffiti Park
Image Source: houstonpublicmedia.org

3. Enjoy the street walls adorned with art

Whether you are an artist or an art enthusiast, Graffiti Park has something for everyone. It features art that was created as part of the Houston Urban Experience (HUE) Mural Festival. The streets in this park are unique and amazing with adorned art and sampled murals.

Spend your day here enjoying the old industrial buildings, that are covered in rotating displays of street art and murals. In addition, the walls are not only for display and murals but serve as a part of community development showcasing Downtown Houston’s unique character.

Image Source: eadohouston.com

4. Popular spot for photography

Are you looking for a perfect place for your wedding photo shoot, birthday, or just a simple Instagram photo? Graffiti Park is one of the most photographed places in Downtown Houston thanks to its beautiful murals. Every weekend the park is packed with people taking selfies and events photographs.

The art scenery is perfect for your next portrait. Every inch of the park’s block is covered with art pulsating energy and creativity. Many people come here for family photo sessions or just snapping photos.

Reasons You Should Visit Graffiti Park
Image Source: narcity.com

5. Explore the murals

Graffiti Park is an inspired mural center featuring the work of various artists. It has embraced the murals with Texas-sized enthusiasm that provides expected fascinating colors. The first mural in Graffiti Park in Downtown Houston was printed by Mario Figueroa Jr.

This was part of his business initiative to promote the local art scene. His mural has gained popularity over the years, attracting tourists from different parts of the world. The numerous murals in this park are colourful flocking a lot of art lovers.

Reasons You Should Visit Graffiti Park
Image Source:houston.org

6. Enjoy the work of different artists

Art is an ongoing journey that requires resilience and creativity. The street work at Graffiti Park was started by talented artists who believed art is beautiful yet rewarding. Once you visit this park, you will discover incredible art masterpieces on the buildings.

The artists who contributed to making Houston’s beautiful art scenery include JoyBrush Signs. His art reflects both family bonds and personal heritage. Art by Daniel Anguilu is authentic, representing subject matters from political to the absurd.

Image Source: chron.com

7. Promote Local Art

Houston has taken cultural refuge from unbridled creativity. The Graffiti Park serves as an intelligent model for appreciating art. By embracing local art, Houstonians generate an economic boost for the park. Graffiti Park has a spacious parking area to accommodate everyone who is visiting. As a way to generate income for the artists, you are required to pay $2 for the parking.

8. Fun and Games

There is more than just art to enjoy in Graffiti Park. In the evening as the sun sets, people take the streets driving quads, motorcycles, and hot rods for the amusement of bystanders. When the light fades, some murals like that of Nicky Davis are illuminated giving the block a party atmosphere.

In addition, the crowd lined up with headlights from their vehicles to form a makeshift boxing ring. The night doesn’t end there. The park has a brewer scene nearby to keep enjoying.

9. Events

Graffiti Park is a fun place to explore with friends and families. The murals here are colorful displaying a wide range of subjects, styles, love messages, and political messages. Considering its scenic view of the arts, it is a unique spot for holding events. The park has spacious festive areas to commemorate important celebrations. Whether it’s a wedding party, graduation party, or quinceaneras you can host here.

Reasons You Should Visit Graffiti Park
Image Source: getyourguide.com

10. Restaurants and Accommodation

For dining and a place to spend your weekend, check out some classic restaurants near the park. Whether you are into casual or upscale dining, the restaurants around are budget-friendly. Also, there are nearby hotels to spend your night after an exhausting day in the park. This includes The Rustic, District 7 Grill, Leeland House, Pappadeaux Seafood and Kitchen, and Kim Son.

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