27 Places To Visit On 19th Street In The Heights

Houston Heights is one of the oldest neighborhoods established in 1891 by Oscar Martin. Well, there is no shortage of things to enjoy in this place. 19th Street in the Heights is a vibrant and eclectic neighborhood with buzzing wine bars, top-rated restaurants, historic homes, and diverse shops. It is one of the unique and incredible places you will enjoy in the city. 19th is diverse and packed with thrift stores, boutiques, and art shops. If you are looking for a way to spend your day, stroll on this street for an incredible experience. Here are some of the fun things and places you can visit on 19th Street in the Heights.

Address: 325 West 19th Street, Houston, Texas 77008

Website: https://19thstreetheights.com/

Where to enjoy live music and performing arts

1. White Oak Music Hall

Get dressed up and head to a night of music and entertainment at White Oak Music Hall. It is a unique venue with three different sections to catch live shows and concerts. Hosting over 2000 people, White Oak has amusing musical shows. You will watch your favorite band or popular artists performing. In addition concert gets a chance to enjoy the amazing views of the Houston skyline at night.

Places To Visit On 19th Street In The Heights
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2. The Heights Theatre

Nightlife is common among residents living on 19th Street in the Heights. With a lot of venues for live music and concerts, you need somewhere lively to enjoy your night. The Heights Theatre is one of the oldest venues in Houston popular for live music performances.

Arrive early and save yourself a spot since this theatre is usually packed to capacity. Enjoy comedy acts, music concerts, independent film screenings, poetry reading, and acting.

Places To Visit On 19th Street In The Heights
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3. Hits Theatre

Do you want your kid to learn more about music? Located on 19th Street in the Heights, Hits Theatre is a perfect children’s theatre. Over the years this theatre has helped mentor kids into music and acting. Hit theatre provides your kid with the opportunity to participate in dancing classes, acting, and vocal coaching. In addition, this theatre offers workshops and family-friendly productions.

Hits Theatre
Image Source: hitstheatre.org

4. Ink Spots Museum

Ink Spots was established by a musician Long and his band to create a musical museum for Houstonians in the 1930s. This museum is for musicians or upcoming artists who are ready to sharpen their skills. Ink Spots Museum honors every vocal group and helps bands build a foundation for the future of rhythm and blues.

Ink Spots Museum
Image Source: blackpast.org

5. Vinal Edge Records

Vinal Edge Records is an old-school record and CD shop that opened in 1985. The shop throws its way back to everything old-fashioned from blues, jazz, country, experimental rock, and classic songs.

Music lovers spend hours exploring the collection here. Also, Vinal Edge Records sells audio equipment, speakers, turntables, and new or used vinyl records.

Places To Visit On 19th Street In The Heights
Image Source: 19thstreetheights.com

Boutiques and Thrift Store

19th Street in the Heights has something for everyone. Whether you are into designer clothes, shoes, bags, or some simple outfits this street has it all.

6. Sand Dollar Thrift Store

Are you looking for something beautiful and unique? Sand Dollar is a popular thrift store on 19th Street in Houston dealing with a variety of clothes, home goods, furniture, and religious artifacts. They have overflowing aisles filled with a lot of amazing free things.

You will find clothing from the 80s and 90s arranged in a delectable way to give thrifters a chance to choose the best one. In addition, Sand Dollar Thrift Store has a variety of records, collectibles, and antiques.

Sand Dollar Thrift Store
Image Source: communitynews.org

7. Jubilee

19th Street in the Heights is a popular shopping center offering unique merchandise. Jubilee is one of the best boutiques to visit on this street. They sell on-trend clothes, accessories, and shoes. Also, they have a baby shop to buy all your little ones’ clothes. Jubilee Boutique offers unique and quality designer clothes and shoes. Home décor, gifts, and seasonal adornments are also available in the store.

Places To Visit On 19th Street In The Heights
Image Source: jubileeintheheights.com

8. Manready Mercantile

Manready Mercantile is a rustic chic menswear store dealing with a curated selection of men’s apparel. It’s truly one of a one-of-a-kind independent boutique with clothes that are American-made. Clothes on sale include hip clothes, leather boots, original camo pocket t-shirts, and pieces of denim. In addition, Manready has vintage accessories and the mercantile own campfire jerky.

Manready Mercantile
Image Source: manready.com

9. Retropolis

Retropolis is a classic consignment store offering clothes and home accessories for thrift shoppers. With two stories of vintage clothing and accessories, you will find products from different eras. Retropolis is funky and spacious to accommodate locals and visitors shopping here. Most of the jewelry and clothing is handcrafted by locals. They have great service and eclectic finds that are pocket-friendly.

10. Thread

Thread is a fancy boutique on 19th Street in the Heights selling maternity clothes and kids’ attire. Find something stylish and classy in this upscale store. Featured items include toys, baby gear, clothes, jackets, strollers, and shoes.

Image Source: visithoustontexas.com

Where to go shopping

11. Fly High Little Bunny

Fly High Little Bunny is a jewelry shop specializing in handcrafted jewelry and bags. This store offers fine silver and gold pieces, handcrafted Turkish bags, wedding bands, and engagement rings. Also if you want your favorite rings or necklaces repaired, Fly High Little Bunny offers jewelry repair to all customers.

Fly High Little Bunny
Image Source: m.yelp.com

12. Gens Antiques

Gen Antique is a local jewel that hosts a diverse group of dealers showcasing their products. The shop offers a mosaic of constantly updated goods including furniture art and other collectibles. Established in 2005, Gens Antiques specializes in beautiful home décor from classic European chairs, and vintage art pieces to midcentury furniture.

Places To Visit On 19th Street In The Heights
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13. Eclectic Home

For your home accessories including furniture, visit Eclectic Home on 19th Street in the Heights. Eclectic Home provides customers with quality home goods at an affordable price. In business since 2001, some of the shop’s highlights include wall décor, lighting, glass rod chandeliers, and serving ware.

Places To Visit On 19th Street In The Heights
Image Source: 19thstreetheights.com

14. Emerson Rose

Emerson Rose is a chic boutique rocking women’s clothing, shoes, and bags. This store sells designer clothes stylish jewelry, hats, and sunglasses. In addition, Emerson Rose has a section dealing with home décor. If you are planning to surprise someone on their special day, the shop also sells gifts at an affordable price.

Emerson Rose
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Fun and Historic Places to Visit

15. Art Car Museum

Art Car Museum is a popular spot on 19th Street in the Heights for art car lovers. Also known as Garage Mahal, it is a fine art institution showcasing the artistic work of transformed cars from local and international artists. Whether you are a car enthusiast or appreciate artwork, you will be amazed by the creativity on display at Art Car um.

Places To Visit On 19th Street In The Heights
Image Source: artcarmuseum.com

16. Murals and Street Art

While there are plenty of things to enjoy on 19th Street in the Heights, Murals and Street Art should be on your list. It is a fascinating artwork featured on buildings, sidewalks, and down alleyways in the Heights neighborhood.

Mural and Street Art comprises vibrant colors with bold designs reflecting the creativity of the residents. Additionally, the beautiful local landmarks provide a stunning view for photography.

17. Historic Home on Heights Boulevard

If you are wondering how you will spend your weekend, visit the Heights Boulevard. It is one of the few historic places left in the city. Houston Heights Boulevard is home to several historic homes established in the early 20th century.

The homes here are built with different architectural designs. Historic Homes on Heights Boulevard were built by prominent families to reflect their wealth and influence. This includes Craftsman, Victorian, and Queen Anne.

Places To Visit On 19th Street In The Heights
Image Source: papercitymag.com

18. Casa Ramirez Folkart Gallery

Experience the diversity of two different cultural destinations. Casa Ramirez is a folk art gallery on 19th Street in the Heights bringing the Latin American and Mexican Cultures together. It features traditional and contemporary works from different artists.

Explore the gallery’s diverse collection of hand-printed ceramics, hand-carved woodwork, textiles, and metalwork. There are also fiesta-themed parties hosted here annually including the Day of the Dead celebrations.

Casa Ramirez Folkart Gallery
Image Source: houstoniamag.com

Coffee Shops

19. Wild Coffee Bar Dispensary

As one of the newest hangouts in the Heights, Wild Coffee serves the best coffee in town. It has a friendly atmosphere and is famous for CBD-infused drinks. This newbie location has lavish flavors of wild coffee, creative craft cocktails, and hemp-inclusive lattes. Enjoy the wide selection of drinks including dark chocolate, espresso, Americano, and cannabis-based provisions

Places To Visit On 19th Street In The Heights
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20. Boomtown Coffee

Are you a coffee enthusiast? While visiting 19th Street in Houston, make sure you visit Boomtown Coffee. It’s a hidden gem tucked away in a residential neighborhood serving top-notch coffee. Boomtown Coffee has an incredible ambiance and visitors enjoy a variety of coffee drinks, light meals, and pastries.

Boomtown Coffee
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Classic dining spots

21. Bernies Burger Bus

Just a few blocks from 19th Street in the Heights is a place serving yummiest burgers. Bernie’s Burger Bus serves to-notch burgers prepared with local ingredients. Treat yourself to burgers loaded with homemade ketchup, tipsy onions, chili cheese sauce, hand-cut fries, smoked bacon, and an ice-cold beer.

Places To Visit On 19th Street In The Heights
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22. Harold’s in the Heights

Harold’s is a classic restaurant serving delicious food. Indulge in New Orleans-style beignets at brunch or 44 Farms cheeseburgers loaded with bacon jam. The menu here is extensive serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The main highlights on the menu include creole eggs benny, blackened gulf fish, double-brined cast iron chicken, and turnip Bolognese.

Harold's in the Heights
Image Source: visithoustontexas.com

23. Torchys Tacos

Looking for a place to enjoy tacos? Torchy’s is an upscale taco eatery on 19th Street offering tasty tacos. The tacos are loaded with everything including vegan options. Try the house’s favorite combos like cornmeal-crusted catfish tacos and fiery Jamaican jerk chicken. In addition, the tacos are topped with slow-roasted pork carnitas, tomatillo, and green chile queso.

Torchys Tacos
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24. We Olive and Wine Bar

We Olive and Wine Bar is a great spot to spend afternoons with your friends chilling. It is a lavish wine bar with extensive wine and cocktail selection. In addition to craft beers and wine, the place also offers complimentary tastings of vinegar, California virgin olive oil, and gourmet bites. Also, you can catch events with popular artisan producers and winemakers.

We Olive and Wine Bar
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Where to have fun as a family

25. Marmion Park

Spend time bonding with your family at this picturesque park on 19th Street in the Heights. Occupying over 10,500 hectares, this park features a chain of in-store limestone, a Marine Park, and a coastline from Trigg Island. The Kaiser pavilion located in this park is a great place for picnics and relaxation.

It was built to emulate the unique turret of the Cooley mansion of the fascinating houses built in the Heights. You will enjoy the nature of Marmion Park with diving playgrounds of lime, caves, swimsuits, crystal clear lagoons, reefs, and ledges.

Marmion Park
Image Source: outgress.com

26. Heights Hike and Bike Trail

Whether you love biking, hiking or just leisurely strolling, you will love the Heights Hike and Bike Trail. This trail is the best way to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Heights Hike and Bike Trail stretches from Nicholas Street and Historic Heights to Downtown offering stunning views of the cityscape.

Heights Hike and Bike Trail
Image Source: houstonpublicmedia.com

27. Donovan Park

This is a great park on 19th Street in Houston to spend your afternoons as a family. Donovan Park has beautiful wooden structures with a large kid’s playground. Kids will engage in different activities while you watch them play. In addition, the park features plenty of picnic tables for relaxation, walking trails, and other amenities.

 Donovan Park
Image Source: houstonheights.org

Final Thoughts

Whether you are looking for a night out or strolling around the city, 19th Street in the Heights is a good choice. You will find everything you need in this urban quaint area, perfect for families and couples. The street has a lot to offer including entertainment, dining, outdoor activities, shopping, and live music. So grab your families and friends and check out everything the 19th Street in the Heights has to offer.

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