25 Things To Do In The Bustling Houston Museum District

Houston Museum District is a beautiful neighborhood in the southwest of Downtown boasting a display of museums, cultural centers, restaurants, shopping malls, and galleries. There is no shortage of entertainment here with so much culture, beauty, and diversity around. If you are planning to visit the city’s cultural assets go to the Houston Museum District. It is enriched with abundant places from sprawling zoos to mesmerizing museums. Tag your family along and enjoy the best things to do In the Houston Museum District. In this article, we have sectioned some of the fun things you will enjoy for easier research.

Top Museums you must visit in Houston Museum District

1. Museum of Fine Arts

The Museum of Fine Arts is a must-visit spot around the Houston Museum District. It is one of the incredible museums housing over 6,000 permanent collections from different artists. This equates to 70,000 works from six continents.

The Museum of Fine Arts is a spectacular place that exhibits pieces from a wide range of eras, countries of origin, and mediums. In addition, the museum occupies nine acres with nine facilities for different collections and programs.

Things To Do In Houston Museum District
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2. Children’s Museum

If you are visiting the Houston Museum District with your children, bring them here. Children’s Museum is a fascinating destination for families and kids. Occupying 90,000 square feet of space, the museum houses beautiful exhibits.

The major exhibits include Power Science Lab, Convention, and Kidtropolis. Convention enhances creativity and kids can make their own gadgets, Kidtropolis gives kids a chance to anchor their TV news reports. Lastly, the Power Science Lab gives children an opportunity to investigate the science between the body and health.

Things To Do In Houston Museum District
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3. Houston Museum of Natural Science

Another place to add to your bucket list of things to do in the Houston Museum District is the Museum of Natural Science. If you are intrigued by the scientific world, visit this museum. Houston Museum of Natural Science is located in Hermann Park and offers wonder and interactivity to guests.

Explore the beautiful halls, get dirty in the workshops, settle for the IMAX movie theatre, or take a look at the stars in the planetarium, spectacular astronomical space, and prehistoric dinosaurs. In addition, the museum has five permanent halls with rotating special exhibits.

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4. The Health Museum

Explore and educate yourself on the wonders of medicine and the human body. The Health Museum is a unique place in the Houston Museum District that is stacked with educative clinical exhibitions. You will enjoy a unique niche of science-related photos.

The Health Museum allows individuals to learn more about healthier lifestyles. The insane medical facts on display are incredible and worth looking at. Visit the museum every Thursday from 2 pm to 7 pm with no admission fees.

Things To Do In Houston Museum District
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5. Holocaust Museum Houston

Holocaust Museum Houston is another popular spot to spend your time. The museum has detailed history and human stories of what happened during the period of modern history. Being the fourth largest Holocaust Museum in Houston, there is a lot here to explore.

Holocaust Museum Houston features exhibits filled with film footage, artifacts, and photographs taken during the holocaust period.

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Where to Dine: Top Restaurants and Hotels

After spending your time strolling through the beautiful Houston Museum District, you’ll need something to eat. The restaurants below are around the museum to grab a bite and satisfy your cravings.

6. Lucille’s

Located in the heart of the Houston Museum District, Lucille’s is a casual restaurant serving delicious southern cuisine. Founded by Lucille B. Smith, this eatery serves southern foods fused with international flavors.

Enjoy signature dishes such as chili biscuits, braised oxtails, fried green tomatoes, shrimp, and grits. In addition, you can try the house’s favorite French toast, croissant, and fried chicken. Find it on 5512 La Branch Street for your favorite dish.

Things To Do In Houston Museum District
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7. Barnaby’s Café

If you are looking for a place to grab a delicious bite around the Houston Museum District visit this spot. Barnaby’s Café is a casual eatery to stop for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The food served here is delicious and comes with oversized portions to satisfy your cravings.

The menu highlights delicious dishes such as pesto chicken salad, egg salad, turkey breast, meatloaf bruschetta, and Texas chili burger. In addition, you can treat yourself to some Lebanese chicken Fattoush; honey baked ham, and barbecue chicken breast served with French fries, apples, and cranberry mayonnaise.

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8. Bodegas Taco Shop

Bodegas Tacos Shop is your one-stop restaurant in the Houston Museum District. This amusing taco shop offers no frills, casual, and modern Mexican cuisine. The menu comprises the best dishes served at an affordable price.

Diners are allowed to build their burrito bowls of breakfast or lunch tacos. Treat yourself to rotisserie chicken quarter topped with salsa and tortillas. Additionally, the menu offers Mexican pizza, fish tacos, chicken tenders, shrimp tacos, and Buffalo wings. Remember to order the restaurant’s margaritas on your way out.

Things To Do In Houston Museum District
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9. Monarch

Whether you are looking for upscale or casual dining, Monarch Restaurant has it all. Monarch restaurants serve delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner showcasing the views of the Mecom Fountain and Museum of Fine Arts. The restaurant serves signature meals and drinks.

Enjoy the gourmet cheeseburger. Spicy vegan curry, chilaquiles, and bourbon brioche French toast. Craft beers, cocktails, and wine are also available to complete your dish.

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10. Nippon Japanese Restaurant

Nippon is a perfect dining restaurant to eat while visiting the Houston Museum District. As the oldest Japanese restaurant in Houston, Nippon has been serving authentic and delicious Japanese cuisine. While enjoying the museum’s views, visit this restaurant for delicious food prepared with local ingredients.

Try the restaurant’s comforting udon dish prepared with dashi broth and topped with scallions, slices of ribeye, and an unagi rice bowl. Other dishes include edamame boiled soybean pods, miso soup, yakitori grilled chicken, and Japanese pickles.

Things To Do In Houston Museum District
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11. BCN Taste and Tradition

Located amidst of Houston Museum District, BCN restaurant is perfect for flavors of Catalan. The restaurant is popular for serving seafood, vegetables, and salads. BCN Taste and Tradition menu features marinated octopus in a potato puree, shrimp, Iberico pork, and fisherman’s soup with branzino. In addition, there is a full vegan menu of plump fruits and vegetables to complement your meal.

BCN Taste and Tradition
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12. The Breakfast Klub

Another popular dining spot around the museum is The Breakfast Klub. This restaurant is located at the north end of the Museum District close to Match Theater. It is a popular spot known for serving waffles and grilled chicken.

This brunch spot serves delicious breakfast and lunch specials. Order their wings served up with catfish, grits, or sandwiches for breakfast. Other classic dishes include bacon, tomato, and cheese on toasted sourdough, potato grits, and French toast.

Where to go shopping

Among the best things to do in Houston Museum District, add shopping to your list and visit the following places.

13. Rice Village

Rice Village is a historic shopping destination established in early 1938. Popularly known as the village, this spot has a bustling shopping zone with numerous boutiques, chain stores, coffee shops, and lovely bars.

Everything you would love to experience is right under one venue. From sprawling salons, massage parlors, and grocery outlets to international restaurants. Additionally, Rice Village is a fashion-oriented has with designers’ clothes, bags, and shoes.

Rice village
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14. GreenStreet

GreenStreet is a model of urban lifestyle. This popular shopping area is a destination to various fitness centers, studious, boutiques, and spas. It features casual eateries for fast food with a full menu, saunas, steam rooms, and whirlpools. In addition, you can visit the full-service salon for nails and hair or their athletic club for some fun. Also, GreenStreet offers personal training for groups on yoga and fitness.

Things To Do In Houston Museum District
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15. Montrose Collective

Experience old-school shopping at Montrose Collective. It is a creative canvas shopping area with culturally designed chain stores. It is considered a vibrant neighborhood because of the porched-wrapped bungalows, craft cocktail bars, and tattoo parlors. In addition, Montrose Collective offers a premier dining destination with numerous restaurants around.

Montrose Collective
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16. Contemporary Arts Museum Gift Shop

While thinking about buying souvenirs to gift your loved ones, visit this shop. Contemporary Arts Museum is a beautiful gift shop located on the bottom floor of the Houston Museum District. It is a popular place to buy unique kids’ toys, baby accessories, and clothes.

The store embodies different gifts and accessories. If you are planning to throw a party, the Contemporary Art Museum has a popular White Elephant gift for your party. In addition, you can purchase wooden toys for kids, hand-crafted necklaces, and shoes.

Things To Do In Houston Museum District
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Art Galleries near Houston Museum District

17. Harris Gallery

Harris Gallery is one of the long-standing art galleries in the Houston Museum District. For over 38 years it’s been the best place to visit for CAMH exhibitions. You will enjoy the pleasant landscapes of maintained photographs, paintings, prints, and sculptures. You can also purchase incredible portraits from different artists.

18. The Jung Center

The Jung Center is a unique art gallery majoring in creativity, research, and exploring mental health issues. Artists from different locations meet here to share their work and express their love for art.

The Jung Center provides an artistic environment with a diverse array of artists and a permanent collection by Peter Birkhauser. Whether you are an upcoming artist, local, or Texas-based, the gallery has a spot for everyone.

Things To Do In Houston Museum District
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19. Lawndale Art Center

Lawndale Art Center is one of the few art galleries in the Houston Museum District that offer multidisciplinary contemporary art. The art gallery engages communities and artists to explore artistic programs and exhibitions. Also, they have a forum to exhibit big artistic shows annually.

Lawndale Art Center
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20. Archway Gallery

Whether you are looking for a place to sharpen your artistic skills or buy art, Archway Gallery is the best spot. It is a local artist-owned gallery in the museum showcasing beautiful pottery, paintings, and sculptures in different styles. Archway Gallery has over 25 artists exhibiting stunning art for locals and visitors.

21. The Menil Collection

Art is fascinating and mind-capturing. The Menil Collection is a huge art museum housing the art collections of popular artists John de Menil and Dominique de Menil. You will encounter collecting of artistic paintings, drawings, photographs, unique books, and sculptures.

Things To Do In Houston Museum District

Other Major Attractions in Houston Museum District

22. Houston Zoo

Houston Zoo is a zoological park connecting different communities to learn about wildlife. As one of the major attractions in the Houston Museum District, the park has over 6,000 animals from more than 600 species.

Enjoy the scenery of different animals and birds. The types of animals you will encounter at Houston Zoo include giraffes, African spur-thighed tortoises, American alligators, green anacondas, African-painted dogs, lions, and tigers.

Houston Zoo
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23. Hermann Park

Another major attraction in the Houston Museum District is the Hermann Park. Located in the heart of Houston the parks host over six million guests every year. There are a lot of fun-filled family activities to enjoy in the park.

Take the whole day exploring the beautiful park with numerous golf courses, train rides, and boat rides. Hermann Park spans over 445 acres with major attractions for tourists and locals. You can choose to spend time exploring the Japanese Gardens with vast green spaces for relaxation.

24. Cockrell Butterfly Center

There are a lot of beautiful places to admire in the Houston Museum District. Cockrell Butterfly Center is a walk-through rainforest habitat in the museum housing hundreds of butterflies and other insects. It showcases stunning live butterflies in a naturalistic rainforest setting.

The center provides family entertainment and educational programs on entomology. You will admire the incredible view of over 60 species of butterflies in a three-story glass cone. Also, it is a great place for couples and family outings.

Cockrell Butterfly Center
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25. Miller Outdoor

Plan your next trip at Miller Outdoor Theatre. Established in 1923, Miller Outdoor has been providing Houstonians with a platform for performances and arts. Every year the theatre hosts families to enjoy Broadway-style shows, musical performances, and plays.

Miller Outdoor Theatre is a fun family destination with picnic areas. You have a choice of sitting on the green lawn, grassy hills, or covered seats. Additionally, it’s the only free open-air theatre in Texas open every Wednesday from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

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