15 Authentic Tattoo Artists In Houston

1. 713 Tattoo Parlour

Address: 1533 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77006

Contacts: 713-533-1239

Best Tattoo artists in Houston, Tx
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713 Tattoo Parlour was established in 2002 and consists of 10 tattoo artists. This tattoo shop is a member of the Association of Professional Piercers in Houston. 713 Tattoo Parlour creates custom tattoo designs including fineline, traditional, and black and grey styles.

The art studio is a favorite spot for locals with its eye-catching tattoo styles. The staff at 713 Tattoo Parlour is knowledgeable providing chosen artwork with detailed aftercare. 713 Tattoo Parlour styles include colorwork, piercing, 3D, and eyebrow piercing. The pricing costs around $300 with excellent results worth spending the cash on.

2. Artistic Impressions Tattoo Studio

Address: 20633 Katy Fwy ste b, Katy, TX 77450

Contacts: 281-599-1349

Best Tattoo artists in Houston, Tx
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Established in 2010, Artistic Impression Tattoo Studio has been a home of body art for years. It is managed by veteran tattoo artist Spiro Kambitsis, experience in the tattoo industry. This tattoo shop specializes in new school, neo-traditionalist, cartoon, and illustrative tattoos.

Artistic Impression Tattoo Studio maintains professionalism of the highest level. They strive for artistic perfection with every tattoo you desire. They are ready to create beautiful artistic masterpieces at an affordable price.

3. Bayou City Body Shop

Address: 4025 Hwy 6 N #105b, Houston, TX 77084

Contacts: 281-856-8400

Best Tattoo artists in Houston, Tx
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Professionalism in the tattoo industry is very important. Bayou City Body Shop is a tattoo parlor in Houston specializing in full color, lettering, cover-ups, traditional, portrait, and new school styles. This tattoo studio thrives to offer quality artwork and piercing. Apart from tattoos, Bayou City Body Shop also has an art gallery.

Bayou City Body Shop uses gamble machines for tattooing with a unique sanitizing system. The team around here has great energy performing piercing and accepting art commissions. The prices are affordable starting at $100 with a charge of approximately $150 per hour for ongoing work. For major cover-ups, you are expected to book an appointment with them in advance for your significant skin covering.

4. Buddha’s Temple of Body Art

Address: 4521 Hwy 6 N, Houston, TX 77084

Contacts: 281-815-7211

Best Tattoo artists in Houston, Tx
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Budhaa Temple of Body Art is a well-established tattoo shop in Houston since the mid-90. However, this should not scare you off since their style and color have evolved over the years. The artists in this studio have a gentle way of creating tattoos creating a comfortable experience for clients.

If your tattoo is not healing or your skin has become irritated, they offer aftercare services and advice. It specializes in geometric tattoo styles, realism, cover-up, black and gray, and portraiture styles. In addition, this tattoo shop offers micro Blanding services, and body piercing. You can also purchase tattoo merchandise at a fair price.

5. Battle Royale

Address: 1318 Telephone Road, Houston, TX 77023

Phone: 346-406-3162

Battle Royale
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Looking for an incredibly unique ink? Battle Royale is the best tattoo shop in Houston. It is the best place to get ink of any style and color you desire. The tattoo artist performs incredible tattoo styling with classic bold lines.

According to your preference, their tattoo styles are permanent while others last for 3 years. In addition, Battle Royale accepts walk-ins, and clients who require large custom pieces need to set up a consultation.

6. Cry Later

Address: 2721 Engelke St, Houston, TX 77003

Contacts: 832-668-5344

Best Tattoo artists in Houston, Tx
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Cry Later is a top tattoo shop in Houston. It is located in East Downtown Houston creating incredible body art and piercing how you love it. If you would love more color on your tattoo, they do amazing touch-ups.

The popularity of tattoos around Houston has greatly increased. Cry Later Tattoo Studio uses modern technology for tattoo designs and checks other styles online. Their quality is consistently producing professional tattoos at a reasonable price.

7. Zu Art Collective

Address: 2315 Commerce St #17, Houston, TX 77002

Contacts: 832-510-4517

Best Tattoo artists in Houston, Tx
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If you are looking for something unique and outstanding visit Zu Art Collective. This art studio uses a handcrafted approach to create a brand-new body piercing. Alex Zu creates the best-digitized tattoos and stencil art. Since 2012 this tattoo shop has dedicated its time to producing unique visual art in the city.

In addition to body art, the studio engages in street art, East End murals, human form, and fine art painting. You can never go wrong with Zoo Art Collective with its sacred geometric patterns.

8. Houston Heights Tattoo and Piercing

Address: 101 W 14 th St, Houston, TX 77008

Contacts: 713-239-0527

Best Tattoo artists in Houston, Tx
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Houston Heights is a tattoo shop located in the Heights. They offer custom designs and body piercing at an affordable price. If your tattoo was done in another shop and you prefer it to be removed or covered up, Houston Heights is the best place.

The piercers and tattoo artists here are clean, professional, and accommodating. In addition, they do minor piercing for teenagers but they require a legal guardian. Visit the shop from Monday to Sunday from 2 am to 8 pm.

9. Kitsune Tattoo Company

Address: 31 W Main St, Humble, TX 77338,

Contacts: 832-506-8557

Kitsune Tattoo Company
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Kitsune is a high-end upscale tattoo shop in Houston focusing on custom tattoo work. Its name means fox in Japanese, be sure to expect quirky and beautiful artwork. This company is listed as the best tattoo and piercing shop in Houston.

Kitsune is a sophisticated place providing an intimate environment tailored to every individual client. A lot of clients prefer anime styles and they get unique amazing designs. Once you decide on the tattoo you love, book an appointment with them since the company does not accept walk-ins. In addition, their accepted mode of payment includes debit and credit cards.

10. Red Dagger Tattoo

Address: 16815 Royal Crest Dr. Suite 110, Houston, TX 77058

Contacts: 281-286-3439

Red Dagger Tattoo
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If you are a modern-styled tattoo enthusiast, this is the best place to visit. Red Dagger is an amazing custom tattoo shop with well-known tattoo artists. The tattoo artist Steven Copmton who owns the shop uses bright colors with detailed shading featuring unique tattoos.

Red Dagger Tattoo shop utilizes modern instruments to create impressive new school styles including quirky outfits and anime characters. The art is flawless with a wide range of designs from bold to realistic. For those who love tattoo portraits; Red Dagger captures likeness and personality with incredible detail.

11. Timeless Ink Studio

Address: 12835 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77077

Contacts: 281-933-8882

Best Tattoo artists in Houston, Tx
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Timeless Ink Studio is an award-winning tattoo and piercing shop. With over 20 years of international experience, this tattoo shop uses updated equipment to produce beautiful art. They use the brightest colors to create appealing body art matching your preference.

No matter what kind of art style you are looking for, they have talented artists. Timeless Ink Studio has qualified artists specializing in a vast array of styles. To get your tat done in time, book an appointment with them on weekdays.

12. Advent Tattoo Studio and Art Gallery

Address: 406 W Grand Pkwy S STE 320, Katy, TX 77494

Contacts: 281-856-2366

Advent Tattoo Studio and Art Gallery
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Advent Tattoo Studio is a tattoo shop with two locations one in Katy and the other one in Houston Jersey Village. For the last seven years, this studio has produced the best body art and piercing. The owner Mike Woods is booked months in advance for high-quality and major ink tattoos.

Whether you would love a tattoo of a name, person, or photograph, he does the entire masterpiece well. Advent Tattoo Studio’s portfolio speaks for itself. The staff here is talented ink masters who work with body curves delivering a high-quality detailed masterpiece.

13. Blessed Tattoo Company

Address: 4701 Richmond Ave Suite B, Houston, TX 77027

Contacts: 346-202-6107

Best Tattoo artists in Houston, Tx
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Blessed Tattoo is a luxury tattoo shop located on Richmond Avenue. It operates with a tremendous amount of talent with artists specializing in color photorealism, black and grey photorealism, and other designs.

Blessed Tattoo Company creates the best designs how you prefer. What’s unique about this place is, they allow walk-ins, so if you decide impulsively you want a tattoo visit this place. In addition, they offer permanent makeup.

14. Texas Tattoo Emporium

Address: 1540 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77006

Contacts: 346-802-1811

Best Tattoo artists in Houston, Tx
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Texas Tattoo Emporium offers great tattoos from award-winning artists. Established in 1977, this tattoo studio has created the finest and most beautiful body modifications. They boast of the skilled style of tattooing that attracts more customers.

According to the design you prefer, Texas Tattoo Emporium replicates the body parts of your dream. The minimum you can pay for a tattoo piercing is $60. With large custom designs, you are required to make a deposit and book an appointment in advance.

15. Primary Colors Tattoo

Address: 2343 University Blvd Ste a, Houston, TX 77005

Contacts: 832-831-4804

Primary Colors Tattoo
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Deciding on the best place to get a tattoo can be nerve-wracking. Primary Colors Tattoo is the best tattoo shop in Houston. The staff here are friendly; creating a welcoming environment and helping you decide what kind of tattoo you love.

You will find artists who bring your ideas to life. Primary Colors Tattoo offers intricate black and grey tattoos, realism, and bold and colorful tattoos.

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